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    Discover the five main practices of Chinese medicine

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    How is traditional Chinese medicine practiced? Used in China for thousands of years, it not only focuses on illnesses but also takes into account the overall well-being of the person. Guest in “Bienfait pour vous” on Europe 1, Dominique Casaÿs, masseur-physiotherapist specialized in Chinese massage, makes us discover the five pillars of this medicine.


    Phytotherapy is a natural and millennial medicine based on the use of plants. It is used for more serious health problems since the plant substance will act directly on organs, cells, systems in depth. So it’s not for a little sore or a little pain. You should also know that herbal medicine is very complex. The doctor issues a prescription for plants after a complete health check-up.

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    This prescription can be composed, for example, of a dozen plants, one which will remove excessive humidity, another which will restore energy to an organ, a third which will circulate this energy and a fourth , perhaps, which will eliminate substances that must be eliminated. Herbal medicine can be used to regulate the hormonal cycle in women but also to help digestion.


    Acupuncture consists of inserting needles distributed over specific points of the body, the purpose of which is to produce positive effects on the body. The acupuncture points where the needles are inserted are located on meridians. They form a network through which energy flows throughout the body.

    Therapeutic massages

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    Therapeutic massages are the third pillar of Chinese medicine. They work on all the tissues of the body to release and circulate energy. Some points are painful. With these massages, you feel your whole body. The patient really connects with their own body and so there is a very calming aspect to it.


    Chinese dietetics considers the elements according to their effects in the body. Recipes are not set in stone: they vary depending on where you live and the season. In winter, we will rather take vegetables, roots, foods that warm and nourish energy. For example, you can make yourself a little cinnamon tea to strengthen the energy of the kidneys. So we take two or three cinnamon sticks. We put them in water, boil them, add two slices of ginger or cloves.

    Le Qi Gong

    Qi Gong is a Chinese gymnastics based not only on physical exercises but also on mental work. With Qi Gong, the movements are slow so that the energy circulates everywhere, in all parts of the body, in all meridians. This gymnastics also includes breathing exercises because the lung is the master of energy. It is he who guides all movement of energy and makes it circulate. Finally, there are concentration exercises, the intentions that we give. They connect the body and the spirit and will guide the energy in the parts where you want it to go.

    Source From: Europe1

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