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    Can you get vaccinated when you are a contact or positive case for Covid-19?

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    Yasmina Kattou, edited by Ugo Pascolo
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    As the number of cases of Covid-19 increases in France, the question arises for many French people: is vaccination possible when you are a contact case? Europe 1 details the different scenarios, and gives you the procedure to follow.


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    In the midst of the fifth wave of Covid-19, and while the final adoption of the vaccine pass by the National Assembly is no more than a formality, it is a question that many French people can ask themselves: can we get vaccinated when you are a contact or positive case? Europe 1 gives an overview of the different scenarios.

    Contact case? Wait seven days before vaccination

    If you are in contact and need to be vaccinated within the next seven days, you must wait until the end of this period before receiving your injection. In the event that your test turns positive, but you do not develop any symptoms: no need for a vaccine, your immune system is stimulated. One infection equals one dose.

    Vaccinated less than 15 days after an infection? A single immune stimulation

    Finally, if you catch Covid-19 less than 15 days after an injection, be careful. “We consider that it corresponds to one and the same immune stimulation”, explains infectious disease specialist Emmanuel Piednoir at the microphone of Europe 1. Concretely, if it is then your second dose, you must still take your dose reminder. Otherwise, your vaccination pass will no longer be valid after the period in effect at that time.

    Source From: Europe1

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