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What are the essentials of the first aid kit during the holidays?

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The time to go on vacation is approaching for millions of French people. Whether on the beach, in the mountains, in a hotel or on a campsite, the little ailments of everyday life can sometimes spoil your stay. To leave serenely, alone or with children, it is advisable to remember to take a first aid kit in your luggage. Paracetamol, tweezers and antiseptic: the health columnist of Europe 1, Doctor Jimmy Mohamed, gives you his essentials for a successful summer.

The thermometer and paracetamol in the face of fever

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“If there is one thing to have in your first aid kit, it’s a thermometer. You tend to forget it, but it really is the basis for knowing if you or your child has a temperature. are easily accessible in the trade: a simple product, of an amount of 3 or 4 euros is sufficient.

In case of fever, it is advisable to take paracetamol. It is a basic medicine that can also be used in pain. Small reminder of the dosage: for an adult, three grams per day maximum.

An anti-food poisoning kit

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Another classic holiday disappointment: food poisoning. The first advice to apply is to wash your hands properly before eating, to limit the risk of contamination. You can also take an anti-diarrhea, an anti-emetic as well as an antispasmodic for abdominal pain. For children under 2 years old, always carry oral rehydration fluids with you, as they can reduce the risk.

What to do about wounds and splinters?

It also happens to be injured during the stay. So do not forget to leave with a classic antiseptic and sterile compresses, in order to possibly disinfect a small wound. Some bandages may be useful, as well as tweezers to remove splinters. And for those who opt for a vacation in wooded areas, don’t forget to take a tick puller. This tool can be purchased at a pharmacy.

Finally, if you are undergoing treatment for a chronic condition, do not hesitate to take your prescription with you. If you ever lose your medication, a pharmacist can help you out. “

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