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    See 5 stocks to buy now and be able to profit next week, according to Vitreo

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    Filipe Fradinho, from Vitreo, indicates 5 stocks to buy now (Image: REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker)

    THE Vitreous (future Empiricus Investments) did a real cleaning in his recommended weekly portfolio of shares in search of greater profitability.

    The broker withdrew the shares of the Minerva (BEEF3), klabin (KLBN11), PetroRio (PRIOR3), Agricultural SLC (SLCE3).

    The analyst entered the roles of the BTG Pactual (BPAC11), JBS (JBSS3), klabin (KLBN11) and locate (RENT3) in their monthly recommendations.

    THE CPFL (CPFE3) was the only survivor of last week’s recommendation.

    See the direction of the Ibovespa and shares next week

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    For specialist Filipe Fradinho, the Ibovespa closes the week with two very different scenarios on the investor’s radar.

    “The positive reading is that the lower projection of the previous bullish channel was respected with the index going to test it as a support region on Tuesday and Wednesday and that support has been respected and for the next trading sessions we can expect a rebound. up to the resistance region at the top of this projection above 113,000 points”, he explains.

    According to him, the negative point is the decreasing buying volume of stocks in the last three trading sessions of the week and, mainly, the shadow left today above the high of the day until the closing after testing this region of resistance of the yellow rectangle.

    “If we could summarize the moment of the index, we would summarize it as follows: in the very short term we have very discounted shares and that should rebound upwards next week, in the medium term the macro reading does not change with inflation haunting the main ones”, he concludes. Fradinho, who signs the report.

    See the complete stock portfolio:


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