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    ‘Notary owners’ can lose profits of up to R$ 103 thousand; understand how this class of crypto-assets has an influence on this

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    Cryptoassets can affect the profits of notary’s owners in Brazil in the long term; understand the case. Image: Can Stock Photo/ Editing by Carolina Nunes.

    One new crypto asset class is making the owners of registry offices in Brazil worried. I know it may seem strange, but these assets may, in the long run, make some services offered in the registry offices unnecessary.

    The interesting part of all this is that you can take advantage of seek profits with this move.

    This chart above is of a cryptocurrency that went from below $0.50 cost levels in early 2021 to a peak of $160 in November. This means that those who invested only 500 reais had the opportunity to see their money turn into 160 thousand reais in that period.

    And what does this have to do with registries?

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    While the terms “registry” and “cryptocurrencies” seem to be unrelated, now that seems to be changing. This is because this class of cryptoassets has functions that go beyond commercial and value exchanges: they act as certificates of digital authenticity – and their transactions are recorded on a blockchain, a kind of virtual transfer ledger.

    If you understand how a transaction involving cryptocurrencies works, you should know that this type of registration already happens when buying and selling cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

    But then, where is the big difference? Well, the difference is that this asset class I am referring to can represent practically anything, and in addition to being unique, they cannot be replicated – unlike any currency that has millions of copies, such as Bitcoin. , for example.

    Let’s make a parallel line.

    Bitcoin transfers occur as if they were a pix in the digital environment: money leaves one account, enters another and the bank records the transaction in its system. When we are referring to transactions involving this unique token, making a transfer is equivalent to changing the owner of a car, for example.

    Therefore, this asset is equivalent to an exclusive document – ​​the transfer of ownership is registered on the blockchain, proving who the new owner is, after payment. Sounds like something you already know?

    Well, this is exactly the main function of a notary: registration and certification of a large number of contracts and documents: sales of real estate or vehicles, marriage licenses, signing of lease contracts, etc…

    Now think: if you were a notary holder who, according to the Guia da Carreira website, earns on average 103 thousand reais per monthwouldn’t you be worried about this new trend?

    Vinicius Bazanhead of cryptocurrency at the country’s largest independent financial analysis company, Empiricus, says that in addition to these cryptoassets, other digital currencies associated with them could explode once the market discovers their potential.

    Many of them are in their selection of cryptogems, which are coins with small caps but capable of bringing returns as large as those of Bitcoin at its inception.

    If you are not a notary’s owner, you have great chances of profiting from these ‘cryptogems’

    The good news is that it is quite easy to seek profits with these “cryptogems”, the so-called cryptocurrencies that can become real gems for your investors.

    As shown in the image placed at the beginning of this text, investors from all over the world had the chance to enjoy unimaginable gains in the last year by betting on a cryptocurrency that was still new, but that soon became very valuable.

    The nomination was made by a team currently led by Vinícius Bazan, at the beginning of 2021. Now, these experts have compiled a list of six “cryptogems” that have great potential to appreciate.


    This Analyst ‘Panted’ 6 Cryptogems That Could Be the ‘Next Bitcoin’

    If you want the chance to reap the benefits of this new trend in the digital universe, Vinícius Bazan, head of the cryptocurrency department at Empiricus, will deliver all the coordinates to those who want to seek profits with the new “cryptogems” on the market.

    To access this information, you must sign up for free nothis link. By clicking on it, you will be redirected to a secure page where you can register to receive materials where you will be able to know how to access the name of these coins with high profitability potential.

    Source: Moneytimes

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