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    CDBs, Direct Treasury and much more. Find out how interest in fixed income is in 2022

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    Investments in CDBs totaled R$513.8 billion in 1Q22, according to B3. Find out how interest in fixed income products is. (Image: petrenkod /Getty Images Pro)

    The number of investors positioned in fixed income grew 17% in the last 12 months at the end of the first quarter (1Q22), according to B3 (B3SA3). And weighing in on a deeper look, how is the interest in CBDs, Direct Treasure and many more in the period.


    Whether for the impetus of diversification or to avoid the ups and downs of Brazilian stock exchangethe number of investors bought in CBDs (Bank Deposit Certificates) grew by 20% between December 2020 and March 2022.

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    Currently, 7.3 million people invest in one of the best-known fixed income products on the market, after the traditional Savings account. The average ticket per investor was R$ 8.6 thousand.

    There was a 16.6% growth in the volume invested in CDBs, which reached R$ 513.8 billion.

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    These are robust numbers, but other products of fixed income recorded even higher growth levels in the period, according to the B3 study.

    Direct Treasure

    The number of Treasury Direct investors grew by 28%, from 1.5 million to 1.9 million CPFs, in the last 12 months in the period ended in 1Q22.

    This means that more people are lending money to the Brazilian government and receiving fees that is why. The value in custody rose 27%, from R$ 65.4 billion to R$ 83.2 billion.

    The average ticket of those who invest in public securities in the Treasury Direct rose from R$ 2.1 thousand in the last quarter of last year to R$ 2.3 thousand in 1Q22.

    Of the amount of R$ 83.2 billion invested in Treasury Direct in the last quarter, around 30% is allocated to floating rate securities, the Selic Treasure.

    And much more in fixed income

    Follow the interest and performance of other fixed income products below, according to a survey by B3:

    COEs (Structured Operations Certificates) had an expansion of 34% in the number of CPFs and 47% in the volume invested;

    LCIs (Mortgage Letters of Credit) gained 39% more CPFs and 37% more invested volume.

    In the same items, investments in debentures recorded increases of 54% and 65%, respectively;

    Cris (Certificates of Real Estate Receivables) expanded by 65% ​​and 54%;

    CRAs (Agribusiness Receivables Certificates) added 82% more CPFs to their investor base and 43% more to the volume invested.

    But the highlights were the LCAs (Agribusiness Letters of Credit), which shot up 111% in the number of CPFs and 104% in the volume invested.


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