6 real estate funds to seek dividends of up to 12%, according to Genial

In May, Genial’s portfolio had a positive performance of 0.84%. (Image: Unsplash/Luana Azevedo)

THE Great Investments made a single trade on your recommended wallet of real estate funds for the month of June. The broker took the Kinea Income (KNCR11) to add the FII Mauá (MCCI11), with dividend yield of 12.3% in 12 months.

“Kinea announced its ninth issue of shares with the objective of raising R$ 1.5 billion, although we are not going into a quiet period, due to the volume of the offer compared to the size of the fund, we chose to withdraw the asset from the recommended portfolio”, explains the broker.

The return of Mauá’s receivables fund to the portfolio takes place after the end of its 6th issue of quotas with funding of R$ 217 million.

In May, Genial’s portfolio had a positive performance of 0.84%, with 0.81% of dividendscompared to a 0.26% increase in the ifixa benchmark for the FIIs market.

The biggest promoter of the portfolio was the CSHG Real Estate Receivables (HGRE11) with a performance of 2.1%, adding the share appreciation and the dividend. The smallest contribution came from the Bresco Logística (BRCO11), with a drop of 1.0%.

See Genial’s recommendations for June:

Company ticker Weight Segment
CSHG Real Estate Receivables HGCR11 20% Real estate receivables
Mauá Capital Real Estate Receivables MCCI11 20% Real estate receivables
CSHG Real Estate HGRE11 15% Commercial Slabs
VBI Prime Properties PVBI11 15% Commercial Slabs
Bresco Logística BRCO11 15% logistics
Guardian Logistics GALG11 15% Logistics


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