TradingView Column: Analysts view the market with pessimism

The European Central Bank’s interest rate decision day already brings a negative tone, even so TradingView analysts are with pessimistic views for the market in the next trading sessions. Check out TradingView analyst studies.

Shima Trader

IBOV is finding it difficult to overcome the region of 50% of the Fibo retraction, but that does not mean that it will reverse the trend.

A negative bar within an uptrend is just a negative bar, nothing more. There is not even a bearish pivot for the daily, so to be thinking that we will have the IBOV falling hard in the next few days, it’s just that, mere guesswork.

On the contrary, it continues in an uptrend and still has many targets that can be sought further up, such as the region of 114,200 and 117,485 points. (See more about Ibovespa).

Gabriel Fauth

BBDC4 is trading in a very particular price range, between the mid 20’s and 17’s, which is quite volatile for banks. The current times are not going very well for our financial sector, on the one hand with the higher interest rate, the greater the profit of these companies, but on the other hand, less demand for money, because money is expensive!

The more inflationary pressure we have in the energy and food sector, the more it forces the Central Bank of Brazil to review its flight and perhaps even higher interest rates. We see the longest DIs (24 and 25) pricing this in this month of June, as they are already at the highs of March, when the monetary policy of Central Banks in the world became more Hawkish

Next week we have another super Wednesday and another monetary policy decision that should rock the markets. For me, banks in general are in a contraction movement, ITSA4, SANB11 , BBDC4 . O BAAS3 still has its particularities for being state-owned. Even so, Bradesco is the bank with the best graphic structure to operate now. (See full analysis).

Wendel CL

Price fails to break the 30.62 region for the fourth day in a row and yesterday left a Shooting Star , candle known to indicate a reversal in the bullish movement (needs confirmation). Another detail is that That The same region was also a top at the end of March, which signals, especially on a longer timeframe, a double top.

adx it already shows a loss of strength, with a price far from the 20-period average, overbought and with an interesting risk and return. Target in the region of 28.29. (More on GGBR4).

Canonical Lino

After the trading range formed between late May and early June was formed, sellers broke That lateralization and started to define an LTB.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the paper for the last 5 days and waiting for the trigger that formed exactly at the pullback after the breakout (see orange circle).

It is worth noting that the different levels in the supports (orange) must be observed to monitor the LTB. if That LTB shows greater retreats than those defined above, it is plausible that we end the operation even with a lower profit. (See dynamic graph).

Disclaimer: The analyzes presented here are studies only. They are not investment, purchase or sale recommendations, nor do they reflect the opinion of the media vehicle in which they are being published. These are studies aimed at people with knowledge and experience in the financial market.

Our Authors: Kleber Shimabuku, Gabriel Fauth, Wendel CL and Lino Canonico.

Source: Moneytimes

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