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    Binance speaks out on the case of the “Bitcoin (BTC) Pharaoh”

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    Regarding the alleged connection of the crypto exchange with the case of the “bitcoin pharaoh”, the exchange has commented on the matter. (Image: Unsplash)

    This Tuesday (28), Folha de São Paulo published an article in which it points out that, despite being arrested and under investigation, Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, a former waiter known as “the Pharaoh of Bitcoin (BTC)”, would be a pre-candidate for deputy for the Christian Democracy party.

    In the matter, it is still stated that he would have used a lawyer like Orange to convert cryptocurrencies in R$ 228 million even after being arrested, a crime that would have been facilitated by the crypto exchange Binance.

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    The investigation, known as “Operation Kryptos”, indicates that the activity of the criminal organization linked to Glaidson would still be active, and acting under the name of Eliana Medeiros de Lima, a lawyer arrested in February this year.

    Despite being arrested this year, the lawyer’s name was already on the radars of the Federal Police and the Public Ministry since the outbreak of the ex-waiter.

    Binance goes down in history

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    According to the Federal Police investigation, Medeiros would be a centerpiece with Malta Intermediação de Negócios e Consultoria Ltda.

    The company is identified as responsible for intermediating the sale of cryptocurrencies that were in the possession of Glaidson’s criminal organization.

    Among the company’s partners is Guilherme Silva Nunes, partner and director of Capitual, which carried out withdrawals and deposits at the Binance brokerage. Last week, Binance broke its partnership with Capitual.

    In a statement, Binance says that Capitual is no longer your payment provider, due to company actions that conflict with its values.

    “On June 24, Binance announced which closed a contract with a local partner more committed to these values ​​and to Brazilian users. With the change, Binance will offer a better solution for customers while conducting the process of acquiring local brokerage Sim;paul, authorized company by the Central Bank and the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM),” the statement read.

    Binance also points out that its World-renowned investigative team works in constant coordination with local authorities.

    “This includes working with the Federal Police to bring Glaidson Acácio dos Santos to justice in 2021, freezing his accounts and identifying potentially illicit revenue streams across multiple platforms around the world.”

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