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    Pão de Açúcar (PCAR3): Understand the reason behind the rise in shares this Tuesday

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    the papers of Sugar Loaf operate on a high this Tuesday (28) (Image: Money Times/ Gustavo Kahil)

    the papers of Sugar Loaf Group (PCAR3) operate higher this Tuesday (28).

    At 3:05 pm, the shares registered a positive performance of 2.86%, at R$ 16.89 each, even with the trend reversal of the Ibovespa, which fell 0.44% to 100,317.72 points at the same time. Grupo Pão de Açúcar rose 5.6% on the stock market at the highest of the day.

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    For Fabio Galdino, from Veronezi Investimentos, the movement is not an exclusive phenomenon of the company.

    According to the analyst, currently, thinking about the stocks that fell the most, the retail stand out logo.

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    In the analyst’s view, in a scenario of Ibovespa falling, much was said about the bad moment for the segments of food retail and physical retail. However, from Galdino’s perspective, the Exchange is reacting to external factors that involve the market in general.

    For Galdino, there was an improvement in the perception of global risk, which also brings an improvement in the investor’s perception of risk. And that is the reason that drives the rise in stocks.

    Is it time to invest in Grupo Pão de Açúcar?

    According to the analyst, at a time of improving global perception, thinking that markets can stabilize and inflation in the US is less pressured, the food and retail sector tends to recover much faster.

    Galdino says he believes that the stock market will still bring a lot of volatility in the coming months and, given that, the purchase of shares depends on the investment horizon.

    For the analyst, in the medium and long term, it is an excellent time to go against the “pessimistic pendulum” and place assets in the portfolio.

    Does Itaú BBA’s recommendation to GPA affect the shares?

    O Itaú BBA returned to cover the shares of Grupo Pão de Açúcar with a recommendation of outperform (expected performance above the market average) and a new fair price of BRL 32 at the end of 2022.

    According to the bank, the group’s shares are traded at a “massive discount” of 50%, with each business unit (operations in Brazil, Éxito and Cnova) well discounted.

    In the view of the Veronezi analyst, the fact that Itaú BBA has revised the recommendation for GPA shares impacts the shares, “especially at a time when the individual investor is much more present on the Stock Exchange”, he points out.

    For Galdino, investors react to new price perceptions, but that does not mean that the share is rising solely and exclusively on account of the report.


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