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    Facebook launches NFT creation tool, but audience will still be restricted; understand

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    Only in 2022, the parent company of Facebook asked for 13 crypto-linked trademark registrations. (Image: Unsplash/Solen Feyissa)

    Goal (GOAL) launched the launch of a tool for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) at the Facebooka week after the CEO Mark Zuckerberg have announced the plan.

    The tool will initially be available to a select group of creators in the United States — something similar to what the company did to NFTs at the Instagram last month.

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    Zuckerberg’s publication in the Facebook announcing the initiative also indicated that the company is eyeing NFTs of augmented reality and NFTs in 3D using the company’s Spark AR platform.

    The news was confirmed Wednesday by Meta’s product manager Navdeep Singh on Twitter. Screenshots shared by Singh show that the NFTs at the Facebook will appear under the “digital collectibles” tab in the user’s profile.

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    On Instagram, NFTs supported by blockchains Ethereum and Polygon, with support for Solana and Flow will be added soon. Facebook has not yet announced whether this support sequence will also take place in the NFTs of the social network.

    Goal behind trademark registrations

    Meta Platforms — parent company of Facebook — filed 13 requests for trademark registration linked to the world of cryptocurrencies and metaverse only this year.

    In March, the company applied for the registration of eight distinct trademarks, ranging from crypto tokens, blockchain software, virtual currency exchanges, currency trading, as well as digital, virtual and cryptocurrencies.

    “These orders reflect the company’s strategy as it enters the metaverse. Clearly, Meta has significant plans for the virtual economy it will drive,” Mike Kondoudis, a trademark attorney, said in a statement at the time.

    In May, the parent company of Facebook filed five more requests for trademark registration, this time for what appears to be the company’s new digital platform, called Meta Pay.

    The trademark filings, filed on May 13, describe Meta Pay as an “online social connection service for investors that enables financial trading and brokerage of digital currency, virtual currency, cryptocurrency, digital and blockchain assets.” , digital tokens and crypto tokens”.

    In addition to payments and trades, Meta Pay may also include lending services and investments in digital assets, according to details present in the orders.

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