The Merge: Update’s second test runs into complications

According to developer, rde was forked, not merged as expected (Image: Unsplash/Michael Förtsch)

This Wednesday (6th) the second test took place in preparation for the update of the smart contract network of the Ethereum (ETH), The Merge. O The Merge was implemented in the test network sepolybut it went through some complications, according to the network developer.

Testing for the update will take place in four phases, with the first being done on the Ropsten network last month, the second being done this Wednesday, the third being on the test network. Goerli and the fourth on the mainnet.

The update aims to merge the consensus layer Beacon Chain to Ethereum. Thus, change the consensus algorithm from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS) network.

Complications in Sepolia

One of the developers responsible for building the consensus layer of the Ethereum (ETH) update commented on his twitter that there were complications, but that they are already working to resolve the problem.

According to him, in the test network there was a fork, or fork, of the network and not the Merge, or the merge as expected.

“Sepolia Update On our lighthouse nodes, we accidentally left a CLI flag with our execution engine setting the TTD to 5e16, so we simply forked instead of merging,” he says.

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