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    Cryptocurrency: the startup Ledger will have to explain itself in court

    The French Ledger, valued more than $ 1.5 billion since his last fundraising in June, has not finished with his unhappy customers. A legal action has just been organized by a dozen of them, seeking greater recognition of their situation by the startup within a short time. Many more customers could join the movement. But why ?

    Ledger sued for massive data breach

    In December 2020, a gigantic data leak affected nearly all of the latter when a hacker revealed free of charge the list of email addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers, and several other personal information.

    The trouble, for many, was limited to emails from « phishing », a phishing method to retrieve sensitive information by passing through the brand’s customer service, for example. But others, with large sums of cryptocurrency, have lost a lot.

    The threat of the postal address, too, remains present ten months later. In June, a very sophisticated scam affected dozens of customers. The latter explained that they had received fake cryptocurrency storage keys from Ledger.

    In all, the misadventure of Ledger customers involved more than a million e-mail addresses and a list of 272,853 orders, whose history allowed to know much more details on the profile of each customer. According to Capital, which reveals the information this week, some customers have lost large sums after mistakenly revealing their secret 24-word key to unlock the crypto wallet.

    Always according to Capital, the maximum amount stolen from a Ledger customer would be around 600,000 euros. Other clients, with smaller wallets, explained that they had been robbed of up to 25,000 euros. Most of the time, malicious emails masqueraded as Ledger as part of their wallet security update.

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