TIM presents new roaming proposal for Anatel

The new wholesale benchmark for roaming data traffic is BRL 4.91 per Gigabyte (Image: REUTERS/Yara Nardi)

THE TIM (TIMS3) confirmed this Monday, 1st, that he presented last Friday, 30th, to National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) a new proposal for a wholesale Reference Offer for national roaming, in the continuity of the fulfillment of the obligations determined by the regulatory and competition authorities for the transfer of the mobile assets of the Hey (OIBR3).

The decision was brought forward by the broadcastGrupo Estado’s real-time news system.

The new wholesale benchmark for roaming data traffic is BRL 4.91 per Gigabyte. This value, says the operator in a note, is absolutely compatible with the average retail price, calculated by Anatel itself, of R$ 5.86, reflects the results of the cost model, as defined by the condition set by the regulator, and, At the same time, it avoids the distortions of a bottom-up theoretical model that does not represent the costs and operational reality of operators in the Brazil.

The operator explains that it was only now able to prepare the proposal, as access to the decision-making process was only granted by the regulatory authority in early July, after being denied before Anatel’s decision. “Therefore, it became necessary to go to court so that the company could have time to analyze the documents and studies that based the decision and technically manifest itself with the support of an independent external consultancy (Advisia)”, he says.

In July, the three operators obtained court injunctions that allowed them to postpone the presentation of their wholesale roaming plans.

“TIM’s new proposal accepts several of the observations of the consultancy hired by Anatel. It is based on regulatory accounting audited each year and produced strictly taking into account the specific regulation”, says the company.

In addition, TIM’s proposal incorporates four aspects of an economic nature: a maximum term of 18 months for roaming contracts in coincident areas, a period after which it is necessary to count on investments in the network of those who purchased the frequency; absolute prohibition of the illegal and abusive practice of permanent roaming, already condemned by Anatel, but object of legal maneuvers by companies committed to creating irregular business models; maintenance of the M2M subscription billing business model, which has never proved to be a bottleneck in sector relations and also acts as a disincentive to the illegality of permanent roaming; and equal reference values ​​for all operators, to avoid that regulation is a source of competitive distortions.

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