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    Sanepar (SAPR11): after a bad result, dividend ‘wizard’ bets on another company: ‘if you want real dividends, invest in these 5 stocks’

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    The company’s bad results reinforce the analyst’s thesis in other 5 actions that, for him, deserve the title of “best dairy cows on the Stock Exchange”. (Money Times/ Gustavo Kahil)

    THE Sanepar (SAPR11)classic darling of lovers of dividends, had a not very good result in the first half of the year. The company reported consolidated net income of R$ 233.8 million in the second quarter.

    Despite being positive, the result represents a 29.5% drop over the same period last year. According to experts, the result was compromised by the increase in costs and expenses.

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    The company draws the attention of investors for being historically an excellent dividend payer. Several influencers have already expressed themselves saying that they like the action and bet on the future of the company.

    (Image: YouTube/Playback)
    (Image: YouTube/Playback)

    However, while the actions are successful on YouTube and Instagram, some experts do not include them in the list of “5 best dairy cows in the country”.

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    This is the case of analyst Sergio Oba, head of research at Vitreo, one of the main investment platforms in the country.

    For Oba, there are 5 other actions that are much more worthy of receiving the title of “dairy cows”. And now you will understand exactly why.

    Find out which are the 5 best dairy cows for Sergio Oba

    For the analyst, there are 5 companies that deserve his attention when it comes to dividends. And one of them is BB Security (BBSE3).

    According to Oba, this is a leading company in its segments and one of the largest insurers in the country.

    One of its great advantages is being controlled by the Bank of Brazil and count on an agreement (until mid-2032) to explore and have exclusivity on BB’s banking channel to promote its operation.

    Despite being a stock with many qualities, BBSE3 trades at less than 10 times P/E (ie, it is discounted) and offers a dividend rate of 8.5%.

    And this is just the first of 5 most potential actions in dividends from the Stock Exchange, according to the analyst.

    So, if you want to start forming your snowball or want to boost your investments, the time to act is now. Just click on the link below and receive the list with the 5 names in a few seconds.

    Is this for you? See why the strategy can suit just about anyone

    If you’ve never invested with a focus on dividends in your life, you may be afraid of exposing yourself to a riskier strategy than savings. But this nervousness is normal.

    I want to reassure you and assure you that dividend-focused investing is indeed affordable for anyone. In the end:

    Although they carry the risk of investing in stocks, companies that pay dividends are usually solid, consolidated and market leaders. Are you at risk? Of course it does.

    But what is the chance of a company like Itaú or Vale, for example, going bankrupt and bringing its investment to zero?

    It is a very affordable investment: to follow the same example, this Friday (5th) with only R$ 28.27 you could already buy a share of BBSE3.

    Of course, in the beginning, you will receive less if you have less to invest. But the beauty of this strategy is the “snowball effect”. You can reinvest your dividends to increase your stock quantity, thus generating more dividends in an ever-increasing spiral of money in your pocket.

    Free access to the full list without paying anything

    Liked? So, I reinforce my invitation here: analyst Sergio Oba, head of research at Vitreo, released a complete report with the 5 hottest stocks with high dividend potential for the moment, free of charge.

    I’m talking about:

    • mature companies,
    • entered into large markets,
    • leaders in their segments,
    • solid swings,
    • competitive,
    • resilient business models,
    • high level of liquidity in shares,
    • good margin of safety and…
    • with great dividends in sight.

    And I repeat: access to this report is completely free. Just click on this link and leave your contact information to receive the name of the actions in your email in a few seconds.

    Release your access to the free report while it’s still available

    There’s no prank. It is a quick and practical recommendation for you to start investing in these companies today – to have the chance to, in a while, live on dividend income.

    The measure is part of a campaign by Vitreo, one of the main investment platforms in the country, which is also part of the BTG group, the largest investment bank in Latin America.

    The idea is to spread knowledge about the gigantic potential of this strategy to more Brazilians. Many people could be earning a lot of money with this, but choose to leave their hard-earned money in applications that give a loss, such as savings.

    This needs to end. And that’s why Oba is participating in this daring campaign to spread financial education.

    So, in short, the idea is simple: you click on the link, register and receive the name of the 5 actions in your email. Then just invest and that’s it: the dividends will trickle into your account faster than you think.

    To register and receive the 5 names, just click on the link below.

    Source: Moneytimes

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