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    New blockchain game can pay up to BRL 2,000 per month, according to analysts

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    For analysts, the blockchain game can pay up to R$2,000 for players who are in Guilds (Image: Twitter/Genopets)

    This week, the game Genopets based on blockchain of Solana (SOL). In its “Closed Beta” version, players will be able to create and evolve their characters, accumulating energy points in the game, which are equivalent to steps in real life. Players will still perform processes like Alchemy, Terraform, Refine, and Harverst.

    Similar to games like Pokémon Go, Tamagotchi or Animal Crossing, Genopets is a game called Move to Earn, or move to win. All steps taken by the player and recorded by mobile devices are counted and can earn the user money.

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    Dux Games, an analysis house focused on Blockchain games and other segments of the crypto technologyprepared for the Crypto Times some comments about the structure and economy of the game.

    “Through Habitats – the infamous virtual terrains – it will be possible to generate game assets, in the form of fungible, semi-fungible and non-fungible tokens such as Crystals, Seeds and $KI tokens, items that can either be used to create new Habitats or be traded on the market or used to earn passive and active income through game operations,” the analysts said.

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    Among the pioneers in proposing the concept of “Move to Earn”, the developers of Genopets claimed to have observed and learned a lot from the “first cycle of play to earn” they developed in the last year, saying that they were determined to create a game in which ownership of assets is truly owned by players, and a truly open economy format, oriented towards valuing its global community of players.

    According to them “to build a GameFi economy that can integrate millions of players into the web3 and stand the test of time, a game needs to provide meaningful, enjoyable, and interactive experiences for its players. A fun game is a game that people want, and a strong economy is one where people make transactions; GameFi needs to encompass both concepts.”

    Impacts of the Genopets launch

    As per data provided by Dux Games, in the first 48 hours of its release, the game has amassed over 20,000 app store downloads, around 1,000 minted (created) habitats, and over 2,500 evolved habitats (from Tier 1 to Tiers 2). and 3).

    Currently, there are less than 40 thousand NFTs of habitats in the game, between Guild Habitats (about 30,000), Genesis Habitats (about 5,000) and common habitats created by players.

    As each player can play with up to three habitats, it is worth remembering that, currently, the player base using these NFTs to produce the tokens game reward ($KI) may be limited to less than 15,000 users and could expand rapidly in the coming days.

    “However, it is also worth mentioning that the number and entry of new users into the game is controlled daily, through the issuance of Registration Codes for new players in limited numbers and controlled by the project team, which currently has more than 300 thousand people registered on its ‘waitlist’, registered on the waiting list, waiting to be able to test and participate in the project”, they said.

    Likewise, the project’s governance token, $GENE, has moved over $60 million in the past two days, double the value of its total market capitalization, currently around $33 million, while the utility, $KI, recently released, has surpassed the value of US$ 0.30.

    Starting this week, players who own habitats will start producing their $KI tokens, which can be withdrawn for the first time in a week, starting within the first seven days of the game’s launch.

    “As we know, with a Tier 1 habitat, each player can produce up to 30 $KI tokens daily, while Tier 2 allows the production of up to 50 Tokens daily, reaching up to 70 coins per day in Tier 3 (excluding crystals and seeds)”, they commented.

    As Genopets is a free to play game, anyone can receive a Genopet to start walking, nurturing, playing and fighting, all powered by their footsteps, exchanging real-life time and movement for energy points and valuable assets. direct economics, which are part of the in-game economy and can be freely resold in the cryptocurrency market (through centralized and decentralized exchanges).

    “Yes, you can earn tokens for your steps, but this is just the beginning in Genopets. Habitats open up a variety of opportunities to create in-game value by refining, alchemizing, and terraforming assets that you can trade with other players or use to upgrade your character, accumulating experience points that can be used to evolve, battle, and explore Genoverse with your Genopet,” the analysts explained.

    However, players who choose to participate in the free version of the game can only monetize in the following way: leveling up their pets, and then reselling them in the NFTs market to other interested players. Only players accessing Habitats will be able to produce $KI tokens and other game assets daily, participating in the full Genopets economic cycle.

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    Genopets together – unity is strength

    In addition to playing for free or investing to buy Habitats NFTs, players also have a third option, which is to participate in Guilds, associations of players and investors that bring together diverse people interested in cooperating to participate in the project in a collaborative way.

    In Guilds, everyone helps in their own way, whether investing time or money, all controlled and monitored by asset management, players, income and performance, commanded by the operations of the Guilds).

    In this operating format, the profits provided by the game are divided between players and investors, who are integrated through the Guilds to share knowledge, build game strategies and optimize their results and opportunities.

    Dux estimates that in the first few weeks the game may start paying more than five hundred, thousand or even two thousand reais per month for players of this modality – acting through the division of income provided by guilds and scholarships – and that the payback time performed by players who joined the Genopets universe in the first few days will possibly be around 15 to 45 or 60 days, depending on the game’s development.

    “The Brazilian community already appears with great prominence in Genopets, being one of the largest and most mobilized in the world. We know that more than 5 thousand habitats (out of the less than 40 thousand existing habitats in total) belong to Guilds and Brazilian investors”, they comment.

    Among these, the Brazilian guild Dux, a community of players with more than 30 thousand people that is part of the largest association of players in Latin America, says that it has acquired more than 3 thousand habitats (which is equivalent to more than R$ 1.5 million of reais invested in the game), together with several partners and investors.

    “Starting one of the largest operations of the Genopets game worldwide, Dux now offers more than a thousand scholarships (scholarships) for Brazilian players who wish to participate in the game for free, accessing the benefits of Habitats NFTs even without investing in the game”, they say.

    According to Dux, hundreds of people have already shown interest and started signing up to participate in the project in the last few days and thousands of players will be registering on the waiting list for scholarship vacancies in the coming days, so that the Brazilian community will certainly become one of the most expressive within Genopets’ move to earn metaverse in the first few weeks of the game.

    In addition, Dux, which also acts as an analysis house specializing in blockchain games, recently released a report on Genopets together with Bitcoin Market analysts, presenting various details and projections about the gaming economy from the scenario. current.

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