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    Crypto exchange blocks customer withdrawals alleging hacker attack

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    Blocking announcement was made on Thursday (11) and since then user has not returned (Image: Phemex/Disclosure)

    Crypto asset investment platform BlueBenx announced on Thursday (11) that it would stop withdrawals from its users. Without being able to contact the company, customers are afraid of a coup by the operator.

    The company’s claim is that it had been the victim of an “extremely aggressive” hacker attack, however the company did not provide any details on how the alleged attack would have taken place.

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    The wording of Crypto Times contacted one of the injured customers through a public group on Telegram. In conversation with the newsroom, the affected client – ​​who did not want to be identified – says that he started investing in BlueBenx in 2019, on the recommendation of a former employee of the company.

    “I started putting in R$20,000, to see how it would work. I got to know BlueBenx through a friend, who was a friend of [ex-funcionário da empresa] who came to work directly at the company”, he says.

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    He says that he currently had BRL 755,900 invested in the platform and was withdrawing BRL 30,000 per month.

    “Last Monday, a friend of mine that I had referred to the company contacted me asking if everything was in order. The reason is that he had realized that he was not having trading on the platform,” he says.

    The former employee who had referred this client told him that the platform was experiencing instability. In this way, the affected customer passed the contact of the former employee to his friend who had noticed the lack of movement.

    Left: exchange of messages between the affected customer and the friend to whom they referred the platform before the withdrawal was blocked. On the right, exchange of messages between the customer and the former employee of the company after withdrawals were blocked. (Image: Disclosure)

    After contacting the lawyer who takes care of the company’s account, he had said that he was fired on the day the company sent an email to customers informing them of the crash, on Thursday.

    However, according to the customer tells the Crypto Timesthe lawyer may be lying as he comments on the group of injured people that he had money invested in the platform, when in a private conversation with a former client, he says that he was not affected because he no longer had investments with the company

    One of the issues raised was the relationship between the alleged hacker attack and the attempt to launch a broker’s own token, the “BENX”.

    The customer says he doesn’t believe the company has been hacked. For him, high-ranking officials spent customers’ money in an attempt to launch their own token from the exchange.

    “I believe that [o lançamento do token] it didn’t work and they lost their hand and spent the customers’ money”, he says.

    In fact, the BENX token even melted 99% shortly after its launch, and a loss of over $100 million is estimated.

    The affected customer says that he has already opened the Occurrence Bulletin and awaits the next measures that can be taken.

    O Crypto Times tried to contact the company since Friday, but so far has not had a response. The Public Security Secretariat informs that about 15 people have already registered police reports, but that not all of them were contacted and the number may be higher.

    On the Reclame website here, BlueBenx already has several accusations from its customers. Check out the company’s email to investors in full:

    “We are writing a very important message to communicate the suspension of all activities related to BlueBenx Finance.

    Last week we suffered an extremely aggressive Hack in our liquidity pools on the cryptocurrency network, after incessant attempts at resolution, today we started our security protocol with the immediate suspension of operations of BlueBenx Finance products, including withdrawals, redemptions, deposits and transfers .

    We are taking this action today to restructure BlueBenx Finance, aiming in the near future to honor all our obligations.

    We have always acted in the transparency of our information and especially in the interest of our customers and partners. Seeking this continuity of information and aiming to improve the answers and doubts about this moment, we created a risk management structure together with the company Nicolia Dos Anjos Sociedade de Advocacia that will be at the forefront of this restructuring and information to the market and especially to our customers, starting responses on 08/15/2022. BlueBenx has valuable assets and we are working diligently to fulfill our obligations.

    We are taking this necessary action for the benefit of all our clients to restore liquidity to operations while taking steps to preserve and protect assets.

    We understand this news is difficult, but we believe that our decision to pause withdrawals, deposits and transfers between accounts is the most responsible action we can take to protect our community.

    There is a lot of work ahead, as we consider several options, this process will take time, minimum of 180 (one hundred and eighty) days to return to operations.

    BlueBenx was built on the trust of our customers, the incessant dedication of our team, but above all, for facing the barriers and difficulties of a business like ours in a challenging and incredulous market.

    We thank you for your support today and seek your understanding. We will overcome it all with dedication and effort and manliness.


    BlueBenx Team”

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