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    Urgent: Bitcoin reaches a level that generated 2,057% and 9,264% in the past; see what to do now

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    Metric that indicated Bitcoin skyrocketing in the past reappeared; see full analysis from a professional.

    If you’ve been ignoring the Bitcoin the last few months, I need to be honest with you: this could be a bad decision. After months of ‘beating’ and accumulating drops, several metrics indicate that the cryptocurrencies he can take off from now on.

    It may take months or even years, but it’s a simple matter of price: at current levels, by certain metrics, Bitcoin has a lot more to go up than to go down.

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    And experts say this based on a simple rationale: Bitcoin, like every financial asset, has multiple metrics. Numbers that indicate behaviors within the ecosystem.

    Bitcoin specifically has two extremely important metrics. And they are important because the last two times they intersected on a chart, Bitcoin skyrocketed.

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    That simple.

    The first time these two lines crossed was in 2015. After that, Bitcoin shot up 9,264%.

    The second time was in 2019. Soon after, Bitcoin shot up 2,057%.

    And want to know the best part? The third time these lines have crossed has just happened now, in September 2022.

    That is, this could be the chance of a lifetime to make a lot of money with Bitcoin. Something that may never happen again

    So, if I were you, I wouldn’t take my eyes off this article until I understand exactly how to take advantage of this opportunity.

    Dealing with emotions in the current moment is the biggest market differentiator

    I know what you must be thinking. How can you trust an asset that has dropped more than 70% since the last high?

    Chances are you are or were once a cryptocurrency enthusiast, but you lost money buying high and became discouraged with this market.

    I understand this feeling. I’ve also lost – a lot – money with cryptocurrencies.

    But I recognize that this was essentially my fault, not the market’s. I was very thirsty for the pot, exposing more than my risk profile would allow, without considering the risks involved.

    But this is an inevitable part of the learning process – and the pursuit of enrichment.

    Every successful investor has lost money. Every successful entrepreneur has gone broke. It’s mistakes and falls that teach us and make us better to achieve positive results in the future.

    So I know this is a difficult decision. But if you really want the chance to make money – and I’m talking a lot of money – with cryptocurrencies, this is a decision you need to make.

    I’m going to show you several metrics that indicate something that is actually quite intuitive: Bitcoin is close to the lows. Buying now can be a great deal.

    This is basically rule number one in finance. Buy low and sell high. The problem is that no one has the courage to follow this rule.

    You have? If yes, let’s go.

    See the charts that show Bitcoin’s extreme potential at the current time

    Pay close attention to the chart below.

    graph showing crossing lines in bitcoin
    (Source: Glassnode)

    This graph represents the relationship between the Bitcoin selling price of the short term holders and two long term holdersbut that’s not important now…

    You will already have the opportunity to understand all this calmly and deeply. I will release to you, for free, a complete and in-depth material on the subject.

    What matters here is to understand that during the entire history of Bitcoin, the red line and the blue line on the chart have only crossed twice.

    And both times it happened, fortunes were created. This is not an exaggeration.

    Look at the chart again, but this time with the valuations that followed the times when the charts crossed.

    graph showing crossing lines in bitcoin with valuations
    (Source: Glassnode)

    In the first case, in 2015, the multiplication in the Bitcoin price was more than 93x. More specifically, it was enough to transform:

    What would your life be like today with almost half a million reais in your account? Well, know that this is the reality of those who invested BRL 5,000 in Bitcoin when the lines crossed for the first time, in 2015, and maintained the investment throughout the bullish cycle, until 2018.

    And the results of the second occasion also leave something to be desired. In 2019, who invested:

    • 1,000 reais could reach R$21,570 in 2021;
    • BRL 2,000 could reach BRL 43,140;
    • 5,000 reais could reach R$107,850.

    Is this a guarantee that it will all happen again? Of course. In investments, past gain is never a guarantee of future gain.

    But this is a strong sign. And best of all, it’s not the only sign.

    Other metrics also show that Bitcoin may have bottomed out.

    At the end of last month, another very important metric to indicate price lows showed up: the MVRV. This metric relates the screen price of Bitcoin to the price of the last moves.

    Chart showing Bitcoin MVRV in historically bottomed zone
    (Source: Glassnode)

    Historically, the last few times the line crossed the green zone, Bitcoin had hit period lows – and would soon skyrocket.

    Again: this is not a guarantee. Cryptocurrencies are high-risk assets, and they need to be viewed with due respect.

    But that is precisely why the potential is so immense. The chance of Bitcoin skyrocketing again and creating new fortunes from little money is very high – so much so that this has happened several times in recent years.

    The big question now, the great watershed of this market, is the cold blood. Anyone who is going to have a very high chance of making money with this new kick needs to be able to control their feelings and buy when everyone is panicking.

    If Bitcoin was a great investment when it was at $50,000 or $60,000, why not now, at $20,000?

    The fundamentals of cryptocurrency have not changed at all. On the contrary: literally, every 10 minutes, the Bitcoin network becomes safer and more protected, due to the new blocks added via mining.

    Receive now in your email a complete analysis of the current moment of Bitcoin

    If you’re not buying Bitcoin right now, but felt like buying it at $60,000, know that this is 100% a behavior bias in your brain – something that is deceiving you.

    The rational decision here – and in all investments – is to buy low and sell high. And that’s exactly what you can do now.

    And if you really want to make that decision and bet on Bitcoin, I have a gift for you.

    Empiricus Investimentos, a pioneer company as a cryptocurrency enthusiast in Brazil, is releasing as a courtesy a complete weekly analysis package of the crypto market.

    Every week you can receive an in-depth analysis of the market 100% free.

    The initiative aims to promote the serious and professional knowledge about cryptocurrencies, escaping the shallow and unsubstantiated analyzes of many youtubers out there.

    This is knowledge that is worth a lot of money – especially in today’s market, where the right investment decisions can create fortunes.

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    A life of financial abundance may be on the other side.

    Source: Moneytimes

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