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    Treasury Direct today: Rates recover losses and fixed rates yield up to 11.75% per year

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    Fixed-income bond rates on the Treasury Direct recover profitability this Friday. (Image: Shuttertstock)

    The rates on government bonds traded on the Direct Treasure opened high this Friday (23), with the prefixed bonds recovering part of the profitability paid to the investor, returning to yield up to 11.75% per year.

    At around 10 am, the Prefixed Treasury 2025 it yielded 11.64% per year with each minimum investment of R$ 31.18.

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    At the close of the day, the same security offered a return of 11.52% per year with each minimum investment of R$ 31.24.

    Fixed income rebalancing

    The market started to price that in fact Brazil has reached the end of the cycle of high Selic rate at the level of 13.75% per year.

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    although the central bank has decided on this Super Wednesday keep the basic interest rate unchangedthe biggest cycle of interest rate hikes in Brazil in at least two decades is still claiming victims among fixed income.

    One of the latest on this list is Orion, award-winning corporate credit manager Captalys fund thatafter 12 years delivering profitability above the CDIaccumulated in the last month a loss of 1.57%, knowing its first negative result.

    Regardless of the maintenance of the basic interest rate or a last monetary tightening, the time has come to rebalance your investments in fixed incomepoints out André Crepaldi, director of wealth management at WIT.

    “It remains a good investment to invest in post-fixed fixed income securitieswhich are linked to the Selic and, also, already locks in some rates looking at a closing of the curve later on”, he argues.

    The expert points out that it’s a good time to pay attention to prefixed titles toobecause the yield curve should start to close in 2023.

    Treasury Direct rates today (23/09/2022)

    Check the prices and rates of all government bonds available for purchase at Direct Treasure which were offered around 9:40 am this Friday (23):

    Title annual profitability minimum investment Unit price Due date
    PREFIXED TREASURY 2025 11.64% BRL 31.18 BRL 779.53 01/01/2025
    PREFIXED TREASURY 2029 11.61% BRL 30.22 BRL 503.77 01/01/2029
    PREFIXED TREASURY with semiannual interest 2033 11.75% BRL 37.02 BRL 925.52 01/01/2033
    SELIC TREASURE 2025 SELIC + 0.0625% BRL 121.88 BRL 12,188.15 01/03/2025
    SELIC TREASURE 2027 SELIC + 0.1647% BRL 121.18 BRL 12,118.43 01/03/2027
    TREASURY IPCA+ 2026 IPCA + 5.58% BRL 32.03 BRL 3,203.63 08/15/2026
    TREASURY IPCA+ 2035 IPCA + 5.75% BRL 39.13 BRL 1,956.76 05/15/2035
    TREASURY IPCA+ 2045 IPCA + 5.75% BRL 33.61 BRL 1,120.48 05/15/2045
    TREASURY IPCA+ with semiannual interest 2032 IPCA + 5.72% BRL 40.66 BRL 4,066.72 08/15/2032
    TREASURY IPCA+ with semiannual interest 2040 IPCA + 5.75% BRL 40.96 BRL 4,096.22 08/15/2040
    TREASURY IPCA+ with semiannual interest 2055 IPCA + 5.82% BRL 41.52 BRL 4,152.97 05/15/2055

    Mark-to-Market at Treasury Direct

    It is worth remembering that the variations presented correspond to mark-to-market, that is, the oscillation only affects investors who redeem their investments before the end of the term “combined” with Treasury Direct.

    If the investor holds the security until its maturity, the return agreed upon at the time of purchase is guaranteed.

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