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Super Wednesday and Bitcoin Pharaoh Effects: 5 News That Rocked Cryptocurrencies This Week

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For CEO of JPMorgan, Bitcoin is a “decentralized pyramid scheme”(Image: Unsplash/Quantitatives)

Some of the events in the world of cryptocurrencies gained greater prominence among users and enthusiasts of this Marketplace.

Check out the five most read news stories below. Crypto Times between the 17th and 23rd of September:

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5th place – ‘Bitcoin Pharaoh’ receives court order to pay BRL 19 billion within 72 hours

The justice of Rio de Janeiro determined, earlier this week, that Glaidson Acácio dos Santos – known as “Bitcoin Pharaoh” – deposit BRL 19 billion into a court account within 72 hours.

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The amount determined by the court is to pay investors and creditors who lost money in the cryptocurrency pyramid scheme promoted by GAS Consultoria, owned by Glaidson. Debts will be paid to creditors only if the company can prove their legal origin.

Learn more about the court order against the Bitcoin Pharaoh.

#4 – Bitcoin is a ‘Decentralized Pyramid Scheme’, Claims JPMorgan CEO

O CEO of JPMorgan (JPM; JPMC34), Jamie Dimon, said he is a “big skeptic of crypto tokens such as Bitcoin (BTC)” and called them “decentralized pyramid schemes” in his testimony before Congress this week.

The executive commented that “the notion that [tokens cripto] are good for anyone is unbelievable” and pointed to the use of cryptocurrencies in crimes such as money laundering, sex trafficking and ransomware attacks.

See what else the CEO of JPMorgan said about Bitcoin.

🏆 3rd place – Beyond ‘The Merge’: What does the future hold for Ethereum’s scalability?

The update “The Merge” was completed in Ethereum (ETH) last Thursday (15), marking a historic and successful transition in the blockchain network, which moved from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS).

Next year, developers will focus on enabling asset withdrawals in staking – the last task of a multi-phase process.

Understand what the future holds for Ethereum scalability.

🏆 2nd place – Super Wednesday: What to expect from the crypto market after FOMC?

The so-called “super Wednesday” took place on Wednesday (21), when two economic policy meetings impact the Brazilian’s pocketbook.

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) takes its seat at the Federal ReserveCentral Bank of United States. On national soil, it is the Monetary Policy Committee (Copom) who occupies the space.

Check out what the crypto market expected after FOMC.

🏆 1st place – “Bitcoin is gold, Ethereum is the Apple store”, says Arca report

Arca, North American manager of crypto assetsreleased on Monday (19) its report on the crypto market called “That’s Our 2 Satoshis”.

In the document, Jeff Dorman, CIO of Arca, discusses the allusions and comparisons made in the crypto market. Dorman lays down some reasoned allusions to guide the traditional market.

See what the Arca report on bitcoin and ethereum says.

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