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US warns Putin of catastrophic consequences if he uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine

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US President Joe Biden, in a speech at the United Nations General Assembly, accused Putin of making “open nuclear threats against Europe”. (Image: Sputnik/Aleksey Nikolskyi/Kremlin via REUTERS)

You United States will respond decisively to any Russian use of nuclear weapons against Ukraine and explained to Moscow the “catastrophic consequences” they will face, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said on Sunday.

The comments are the latest American warning after the veiled nuclear threat made by Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, when the Russian president also announced his country’s first military deployment since World War II.

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“If Russia crosses that line, there will be catastrophic consequences for the Russia. The United States will respond decisively,” Sullivan told an NBC show.

Sullivan did not describe the nature of the planned response, but said the United States had clarified to Moscow “in more detail exactly what that would mean.” Sullivan said the US has been in frequent and direct contact with Russia.

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The US President, Joe Bidenin a speech at the General Assembly of United Nations on Wednesday, he accused Putin of making “overt nuclear threats against Europe” in reckless disregard of nuclear nonproliferation responsibilities.

Russia is also holding a referendum in four regions of eastern Ukraine to annex territories it took during the invasion launched in February. Ukraine and its allies called the referendums a farce designed to justify an escalation of the war.

By incorporating the Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia areas into Russia, Moscow could portray the attacks to retake them as an attack on Russia itself, a warning to Ukraine and its Western allies.

After suffering setbacks on the battlefield, Putin is mobilizing 300,000 troops and threatening to use “all available means” to protect Russia.

“This is not a bluff,” Putin said in comments seen on the world stage as a threat to the potential use of nuclear weapons.

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