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Ciro Gomes: what is the presidential candidate’s opinion on cryptocurrencies?

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(Image: REUTERS/Carla Carniel)

on the eve of election, it is important to know the positions of candidates on different topics. One of them are the cryptocurrencies.

As it is a new and constantly changing subject, the topic can be on the agenda during the elected government.

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In the case of candidate Ciro Gomes (PDT), the topic was mentioned a few times. Ciro has already shown to be very critical of the asset class.

“Bitcoin is unbacked currency”

The candidate first addressed the topic on the Flow Podcast in June this year. “Look, I don’t know if I’m too conservative — and I admire this attempt, but a currency without ballast and without a public authority behind it, I don’t know if one of these days will be a problem”, he said.

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When confronted by the presenter at the time, Monark, about the fact that El Salvador had adopted cryptocurrency, Ciro replied that in the country the matter is progressing to an impressive business, and that it has gone much further.

“I already told you it won’t work and stuff… I bit my tongue. A private currency, of reasonable international course, reasonable store of value, is emerging,” she said.

Shortly after, in July of this year, at a Fiesp event, Ciro returned to talk about the topic in an interview with Portal do Bitcoin.

“I am very conservative in terms of finances,” he said. “Speaking of bitcoins: it is a currency that does not have an authority that gives it forced currency or that gives it backing as a store of value. One fine day can turn into a pyramid,” he said.

However, he admitted that he may be wrong in his view on the subject: “It may even be a misperception of mine”, he added.

On this occasion, the PDT candidate this time criticized El Salvador and its policy with Bitcoin.

“Receiving tax payments like El Salvador, no way. It will always be the good old real, a currency that has a forced course, is a store of value, has a fixed transaction value by the government, which is a democratically controlled authority.”


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