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A French startup reinvents hot water thanks to Bitcoin

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If you regularly follow the news of French startups, you may have already heard of Tresorio. This company, based in Metz, provides one of the cloud services. But it stands out from the competition thanks to its eco-responsible approach.

As you may already know, the cloud consumes a lot of energy and also generates heat which is usually wasted. Tresorio’s approach is that instead of throwing away that heat through conventional cooling systems, the startup harnesses it.

Recover heat generated by servers

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For example, Tresorio has been offering industrial boilers for years that use the heat from computer servers. Quoted by an article from France Info, the president of the startup indicates that a first experiment was carried out in 2018 at the CHU de Mercy, followed by another experiment in a factory. And the next step is heating an HLM with 48 apartments.

Today, as we face an energy crisis, Tresorio also offers a product that targets individuals: a water heater that earns Bitcoins.

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Bitcoin mining is a necessary activity to validate transactions on the network, through a consensus mechanism called “proof of work”. But if this mechanism works, it is also very energy-intensive.

Bitcoin miners use huge computing resources to participate in this consensus mechanism. In addition to being energy-intensive, mining also generates a lot of heat.

And Tresorio’s idea is to recycle this heat to heat the water in the shower. While conventional water heaters use electrical resistances, Tresorio’s Minit contains hundreds of chips dedicated to Bitcoin mining, which allows the owner to earn cryptos. As for the heat produced by these chips, it is used to heat the water for the shower.

Minit treasury

© Tresorio

A device that produces hot water and generates revenue in cryptos

If the idea of ​​exploiting the heat generated by the mining of Bitcoin is a very interesting idea, it should however be noted that the Minit is only used as an auxiliary water heater, which therefore only supplements your existing water heater. . However, Tresorio claims that its system saves more than 1 Kg of CO2 per hour of operation.

As for the revenues generated by the Bitcoin mining chips, they are paid into the user’s wallet. According to the startup, income varies from 7 to 50 euros per day. These revenues vary depending on many factors, including mining performance, as well as the price of Bitcoin.

In any case, according to France Info, Tresorio estimates that remuneration in Bitcoin would make it possible to reimburse 80% of the cost of electricity. And the profits would be around 40,000 euros in 5 years. But to acquire this water heater of the future, the bill will be salty: 15,000 euros.

Source: Presse-Citron

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