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Most investors lose money on their assets by making this serious mistake; find out if you are part of the group

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The main mistake of investors usually goes unnoticed, but it can be the reason why many people lose significant amounts of equity; see what it is and how to get rid of it. Image: Shutterstock/Editing: Julia Shikota

It is very likely that all investor miss one day. Even the most experienced can suffer slips and make decisions that compromise significant values. This is not necessarily a problem, but it can become a concern if it is a problem. specific error that has the potential to shake someone’s entire financial life.

It is not difficult to find novice investors, who have just started investing, wanting to jump headfirst into riskier assets, such as variable income.

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Many people do this without even having an idea of ​​their own goals and expectations about that investment. This is where the problem arises: building an asset portfolio without knowing when you intend to use this money and what it will be used for.

See, it makes no sense to start investing without outlining what you expect with this application. Let me explain: imagine that a person who does not want to have the chance to lose all his money makes a considerable investment in high risk assetslike the actionsyou real estate funds or cryptocurrencies.

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In the first significant fall in assets, this investor will sell the products at a “bargain price” and will be at a loss.

This movement is very common with highly volatile investments such as Bitcoin. Investors who are not so adept at risk buy for the asset’s fame, but soon sell below what they paid for fear of losing more money, or for not having the patience to hold the asset for a long time.

Many even blame the asset. They say the investment made him lose all his money. Of course, there are assets that are not so promising, but most of the time, the mistake is with the investor. (learn how to get rid of the error in this link).

Investors’ biggest mistake: investment portfolio mismatched with objectives

If you ask a person who is unhappy with their investments what the reason behind their dissatisfaction is, they are very likely to hear about the negative returns.

It is possible that this person is making the main investment mistake: not apply the money according to the investor profile.

And if there’s one subject that the market comes to consensus on, it’s about the importance of this information. In a quick Google search of the most serious mistakes investors make, one topic that is never missing from the top of the lists is the profile:

headline r7
Source: R7
headline riconnect
Source: Riconnect

The first step in investing is a constant doubt. But before any financial move, it is necessary be sure of the investor profile where you are. He’s the one who will help you get out of trouble that can compromise a “heap” of your money.

Knowing your own profile is a way to make smarter decisions with a less chance of errorsince your money will be in line with your expectations of return, term and security.

It is divided between conservative, moderate and bold – with each of the categories having a higher risk tolerance. There is no right or wrong profile and no investments that are better than others. The important thing is to invest according to this information so you don’t have frustrations.

It is common, for example, to come across asset recommendations from friends, family or influencers on the internet…

Imagine that one of these “influencers” found a high-risk stock that could explode in appreciation.

It wouldn’t make any sense for a conservative investor, who likes to insurance fixed income bonds, for example, buy an asset like this. In addition to generating anxiety and dissatisfaction with the investment, he is likely to sell the stock on the first drop and lose considerable amounts.

And this is not a mistake that is usually made only by conservatives. Moderate and bold investors can also fall into the same trap. Why would an investor with greater risk tolerance invest only in bonds from the Direct Treasurefor example?

It may sound crazy, but there are people who do this because they still don’t know exactly which category they fall into.

Regardless of the profile, those who make the mistake of investing in disagreement with their own personal characteristics have a single destiny: Lose money. Whether by selling assets at a loss, or by leaving values ​​“still” on the table, the lack of self-knowledge can be a true villain of attractive returns.

But after all, how to get rid of this mistake and find out how to invest better? There is a quiz with only 6 questions, created by experts at the broker Empiricus Investmentswhich answers what your profile is and helps you choose the right assets.

Not a penny will be charged to access the tool, and the material offered goes far beyond just showing if you are conservative, moderate or bold.

The broker will also provide, as soon as it finishes answering the questions, a complete investment portfolio suggestionaligned with your profile.

The entire process takes a maximum of 5 minutes and can be the key for you to stand out in investments:

The complete investment portfolio that can rid you of assets that are ‘bored’ for your goals

The questionnaire created by Empiricus Investimentos delivers a complete portfolio suggestion customized for your investor profile. The products were selected by the broker’s team of experts, and can help you take your first steps in the financial market:

investment simulator portfolio
Source: Empiricus Investimentos

The investments in the image above are part of one of the portfolios made available by the broker. They are just a “straw” of all the assets suggested by the company for you to start investing according to your profile.

And don’t worry if you don’t want to follow one or another indication from the portfolio. There is no obligation to put the suggestions into practice.but they can help you get your assets “on track”.

The tool created by Empiricus Investimentos is 100% free and is available to anyone who wants to find out how to make better investments. clicking in this link or the button below, you will have access to the questionnaire that will get rid of the main mistake of investors:

Source: Moneytimes

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