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Cemig (CSMG3) receives the green light to put the generating unit into operation

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The start of commercial operations took place approximately 3 months ahead of the deadline established in the auction (Image: REUTERS/Amanda Perobelli)

THE Cemig (CSMG3) received authorization from the Aneel (National Electric Energy Agency) to put the Poço Fundo generating unit, in Minas Gerais, into operation, shows a document sent to the market this Tuesday (04).

Cemig GT won the A-4 Auction held by the agency in June 2018, when it sold the incremental energy resulting from the expansion of the Poço Fundo SHP.

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The entry into commercial operation took place with an advance of about three months in relation to the deadline established in the auction, according to the document.

“The allocation of investments followed the internal capital return policies, whose profitability is compatible with the company’s cost of capital for this type of project”, he adds.

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Built between the municipalities of Poço Fundo and Campestre, in Minas Gerais, the SHP Poço Fundo is installed on the Machado River and has three other generating units.

The PCH Poço Fundo dam has a maximum height of 6 meters and a crest length of approximately 120 meters.

Its reservoir has about 2.98 km² of flooded area.

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