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Check out the best real estate funds to circumvent election volatility, according to Genial

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KNCR11 real estate fund is added to Genial’s portfolio (Image: Reproduction/Freepik)

Caution is the watchword adopted in October by Genial Investimentos, which is expecting volatility in the period due to the election, the increase in interest rates in developed economies and global conflicts.

Faced with the uncertainty scenario, the investment house changed its two recommended portfolios for the tenth month of this year.

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In the selection with an income strategy, the funds Vinci Shopping Centers (VISC11), Mauá Capital Recebíveis Imobiliários (MCCI11) and CSHG Recebíveis Imobiliários (HGCR11) exited, in addition to the entry of FII Kinea Rendimentos Imobiliários (KNCR11).

In a report, Isabela Suleiman, FIIs analyst at Genial, clarified that KNCR11 was added to the portfolio to take advantage of the moment of high interest rates, since the fund’s portfolio is focused on CRIs indexed to the CDI.

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Suleiman also said that he continues to like the assets that were removed, but that he opted for the exchange due to the announcement of new issuances of quotas.

In the value strategy portfolio, the FII Malls Brasil Plural (MALL11) was removed due to the announcement of its fourth issue of quotas. In addition, the selection was balanced with the increase in weight in Plural Receivables (PLCR11), More Real Estate FoF (MORE11), RBR Log (RBRL11) and Pátria Logística (PATL11).

income portfolio

Background ticker Segment Return with dividends (12m)
CSHG Real Estate HGRE11 Commercial Slabs 7.70%
Bresco Logística BRCO11 logistics 7.10%
Guardian Logistics GALG11 Logistics 10.20%
Kinea Real Estate Income KNCR11 receivables 11.30%
CSHG Urban Income HGRU11 City Income 7.70%

portfolio value

Background ticker Segment Return with dividends (12m)
CSHG Real Estate HGRE11 Commercial Slabs 7.70%
Flagship Securities CPTS11 Real estate receivables 14.10%
Plural Real Estate Receivables PLCR11 Real estate receivables 15.30%
Homeland Logistics PATL11 Logistics 8.30%
RBR Log RBRL11 Logistics 9.00%
More Real Estate FoF MORE11 fund of funds 11.30%

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