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Micro and small companies stand out in the jobs generated in 2022

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In all, there are about 20 million companies, 14 million of which are MEI (Image: Valter Campanato/Agência Brasil)

On the date on which the National Day of Micro and Small Companythis October 5th, the Special Secretary for Productivity and Competitiveness of the Ministry of EconomyAlexandre Ywata, highlighted that this type of business is responsible for 72% of the almost 1.9 million jobs generated in 2022.

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In an interview with the program A Voz do Brasil this Wednesday (5), the secretary said that the service sector is the strongest among micro and small entrepreneurs, corresponding to about 50% of them, while the business is the second, with about 30%.

At the Brazil99% of all companies are micro and small, including micro-entrepreneurs Individuals (MEI).

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In all, there are about 20 million companies, of which 14 million are MEI.


According to Ywata, one of the country’s biggest bottlenecks in terms of entrepreneurship was the time to start a business, which has been improved. “Today, you create a company in an average of 23 hours, and these numbers have a regional distribution. Nowadays, the fastest state to create a company is the Sergipeand if we look at the capitals, the capital with the highest speed of creating a company is Recife, on average 3 hours”.

The secretary also recalled the Economic Freedom Act, which identified 300 activities considered low risk.

He explains that, with this, there is no need for permits, such as health surveillance or firefighters, to open businesses in these areas.

Another improvement for entrepreneurship mentioned by the secretary was the opening of credit with the National Support Program for Micro and Small Small Businesses (Pronamp), which benefited around 350 thousand companies with R$ 36 billion in credit.

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