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Porto Seguro (PSSA3) pays R$285 million in dividends on the 29th; see who is entitled

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Porto Seguro pays BRL 285 million in dividends on the 29th (Image: Porto Seguro Reproduction/ Youtube)

THE safe harbor 🇧🇷PSSA3) announced on Wednesday night (23) that its board of directors approved the date of November 29, Tuesday, for the payment of the balance that completes the value of the dividends mandatory minimum and additional.

The remainder of the minimum dividends is equivalent to the amount of R$ 23,709,091.97, corresponding to R$ 0.03717026792 per share.

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The additional earnings are BRL 261,729,090.87, or BRL 0.41032952435 per paper.

Both relate to the fiscal year ended December 31, 2021.

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Shareholders who held a position in the company on March 31, 2022 are entitled to the proceeds.

See the statement from Porto Seguro:

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