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Qatar coach says team have things to prove against Senegal

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“Hopefully we can play freely and without pressure and be better than what happened in the first game, this team has a point to prove,” Sánchez said at a press conference (Image: REUTERS/Gareth Bumstead)

O Qatar want to prove they can compete at the highest level when they face Senegal, said the hosts’ coach world Cup🇧🇷 Felix Sanchez, this Thursday, on the eve of a clash that could thwart their hopes for the World Cup.

The Asian champions hope not to repeat the South Africa, eliminated in the first round in 2010 when they hosted the tournament.

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Qatar lost 2-0 to Ecuador in the opening game of the tournament after a disappointing performance, causing many fans to leave the stadium 20 minutes before the end.

“We hope to be able to play freely and without pressure and to be better than what happened in the first game, this team has a point to prove,” Sánchez said in a press conference.

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“Games are controlled by many factors, but the most important thing is to do our best, in the World Cup, if you don’t do your best you will be punished.”

The Spanish coach indicated that he did not expect another disappointing performance like the one against Ecuador and wanted the team to play with their usual personality and do more.

“Emotionally things have been very difficult and dealing with the World Cup is completely different. I hope the performance is as competitive as Senegal’s,” he added.

Sánchez said the team has distanced itself from outside criticism and that the players are focused on giving their best.

“We don’t bring the joy to the fans, but we try to avoid a negative vibe in recent days,” he said.

Sánchez does not believe that an early exit from the World Cup means the end of Qatar’s project in terms of football🇧🇷

“We are a small country, the smallest to host the World Cup. We have prepared for the possibility of an early elimination, but this does not mean the end of the project.”

“I am confident that Qatar will continue its project of keeping a strong team, competing and qualifying for the next tournaments”, he added.

The Arab teams’ results at the World Cup have aroused the jealousy of Qatari players, said midfielder Ismail Mohamed.

Saudi Arabia stunned the world by defeating Argentina in the comeback, while Tunisia and Morocco managed goalless draws against Denmark and Croatia respectively.

“Certainly, the results of the Arab teams made us envious and (we want) to give our best, regardless of what happens off the pitch,” said Mohamed.

The Netherlands, who beat Senegal 2-0 on their opener, and Ecuador top Group A with three points before they also meet on Friday.

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