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Bolsonaro’s son met with Trump and is advised to question elections, says newspaper

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Eduardo Bolsonaro met with former president Donald Trump in the US (Image: REUTERS/Yuri Gripas)

According to the newspaper The Washington Postfederal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaroson of the president Jair Bolsonarotraveled to the United States right after the second round of elections presidential elections in Brazil to meet with the former US president donald trump and its former staff.

In addition to the former president, Eduardo also reportedly met and spoke with Stephen Bannon and Jason Miller, who acted as Trump’s strategists and spokespersons during his campaign and government.

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Sources heard by the newspaper report that the federal deputy discussed the Brazilian elections with the Americans and was advised to question the announced result, which pointed to the defeat of his father, candidate for re-election. Eduardo would also have analyzed strategies to inflame the demonstrations that spread across the country after Lula’s victory.

Another topic discussed, according to the newspaper, was the relationship between the president Bolsonaro and its supporters with the Federal Supreme Court and the Superior Electoral Court.

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