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Black Friday: World Cup moves TV promotions

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For consumers, the purchase of a TV set became more attractive, as with these events there are numerous discounts (Image: Pixabay)

Every four years, with the completion of the world Cup, it is common for consumers to look for newer models of televisions. This year, the dispute in the Qatar occurs simultaneously with sexta-feira Negrawhich made the sector move even more.

A survey released by Google 🇧🇷GOOGL) during the event shows that 45% of respondents will look for smartphones on Black Friday, considering the connection 5G as the second most important attribute in the purchase decision and 40% intend to buy TVs, considering screen quality and image definition.

We separate some offers in this Black friday of TV’s:

Model Description Price average
Philips Android TV 4K 55” 55-inch option with 4K resolution BRL 2,599
Samsung Crystal 4K 50” Option with LED and Crystal 4K screen BRL 2,570
TCL Android TV 4K 65” 65-inch TV option with 4K resolution BRL 3,499
Samsung QLED 4K 65” Another TV with 65 inches and 4Ka resolution BRL 5,000
Philco Android TV 4K 75” TV for those who like to feel at the cinema BRL 5,499
Semp Android TV 50” TV with 50” screen and 4K resolution BRL 2,499
Smart TV LG 4K 75” 75 inch option BRL 5,600
Smart TV Panasonic 40” Great value for money option BRL 1,899
LG LED TV 32” Television for those who want to save money BRL 1,099
Smart TV LG 4K 55” TV with Eye Comfort technology BRL 2,500
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With 50 inches is the Smart TV 50” Crystal 4K by Samsung (50AU7700)on promotion at Magazine Luiza 🇧🇷MGLU3) for BRL 2,469.05.

At Bahia Housesa Smart TV 50″ Crystal UHD 4K Samsung (50BU8000) goes out by BRL 2,564.05 , previously at BRL 3,499.00. The 55″ version costs BRL 2,849.05.

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An important tip when it comes to online purchases is very important to check the official website of the store, so as not to fall for fraud.

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