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World Cup: check out the game schedule for this Saturday, 11/26

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In all, 32 teams will compete in the tournament, which ends on December 18. (Image: Pixabay)

This Saturday (26), there will be four games in the group stage of the world Cup from 2022 on Qatar🇧🇷 In all, 32 teams will compete in the tournament, which ends on December 18.

See the agenda for the day:

Check the days and times of the 2022 World Cup games

World Cup 2022 group stage matches

Day Time Match
11/26 (Saturday) 07h tunisia vs australia
10am poland v saudi arabia
1pm france vs denmark
4 pm Argentina vs Mexico
11/27 (Sunday) 07h japan vs costa rica
10am belgium vs morocco
1pm Croatia vs Canada
4 pm spain vs germany
11/28 (Monday) 07h Cameroon vs Serbia
10am South Korea vs Ghana
1pm Brazil vs Switzerland
4 pm Portugal vs Uruguay
11/29 (Tuesday) 12 noon netherlands vs qatar
12 noon Ecuador vs Senegal
4 pm Wales vs England
4 pm Iran vs United States
11/30 (Wednesday) 12 noon Tunisia vs France
12 noon australia vs denmark
4 pm Poland vs Argentina
4 pm Saudi Arabia vs Mexico
12/01 (Thursday) 12 noon Croatia vs Belgium
12 noon canada vs morocco
4 pm japan vs spain
4 pm Costa Rica vs Germany
12/02 (Friday) 12 noon South Korea vs Portugal
12 noon Ghana vs Uruguay
4 pm Cameroon vs Brazil
4 pm Serbia vs Switzerland

World Cup 2022 Round of 16 Matches

Day Time Match
12/03 (Saturday) 12 noon Winner Group A vs Second Group B
4 pm Winner Group C vs Second Group D
12/04 (Sunday) 12 noon Winner Group D vs Second Group C
4 pm Winner Group B vs Second Group A
05/12 (Monday) 12 noon Winner Group E vs Second Group F
4 pm Winner Group G vs Second Group H
6/12 (Tuesday) 12 noon Winner Group F vs Second Group E
4 pm Winner Group H vs Second Group G

2022 FIFA World Cup Quarterfinal Games

Day Time Match
9/12 (Friday) 12 noon Winner Round of 16 5 x Winner Round of 16 6
4 pm Winner Round of 16 1 x Winner Round of 16 2
10/12 (Saturday) 12 noon Round of 16 Winner 7 x Round of 16 Winner 8
4 pm Winner Round of 16 3 x Winner Round of 16 4

2022 World Cup Semifinal Games

Day Time Match
12/13 (Tuesday) 4 pm Winner Quarterfinals 2 x Winner Quarterfinals 1
12/14 (Wednesday) 4 pm Winner Quarterfinals 4 x Winner Quarterfinals 3

2022 FIFA World Cup Third Place Match

Day Time Match
12/17 (Saturday) 12 noon Semi Final Loser 1 x Semi Final Loser 2

2022 World Cup Final

Day Time Match
12/18 (Sunday) 12 noon Semifinal Winner 1 x Semifinal Winner 2

Where to watch the 2022 World Cup matches

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THE world Cup 2022 will be broadcast on open and closed TV and on digital channels, with the presence of Globe in all alternatives, since the broadcaster obtained exclusive rights.

Open TV

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On open TV, Globo is the sole holder of broadcasting rights.

In this edition of the Cup, 56 of the 64 matches will be shown by the broadcaster, at 7am, 10am, 1pm and 4pm. In the last round of the first phase, not all games will be broadcast live, due to the matches that will take place simultaneously.

Closed TV

On cable TV, the transmission will take place through the SporTV channels, which have exclusivity. For the 2022 World Cup, 300 hours of programming will be dedicated to covering the event.

digital channels

To close the Globo transmission rights, the games can also be accompanied by the streaming from the broadcaster, Globoplay.

The only exception outside Grupo Globo’s portfolio is the transmission that will be carried out by Casimiro Miguel, through its production company, Live Mode. The streamer acquired the rights to broadcast 22 matches of the tournament on YouTube🇧🇷

Source: Moneytimes

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