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Azul will be the only one to broadcast games live

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Azul paid US$300,000 (about R$1.6 million) to broadcast the World Cup live on board for free (Image: Facebook/Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras)

Traveling by plane during a game of Brazil at world Cup in football it can be, for many, a martyrdom.

British media company IMG has acquired the broadcast rights to fifa on board aircraft, which forced the airlines to pay in order not to interrupt the signal during the games, according to the Estadão/BroadcastGrupo Estado’s real-time news system.

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And the only company that negotiated the rights in Brazil was Azul, which paid US$ 300,000 (about R$ 1.6 million) to broadcast the World Cup live on board for free.

FIFA made specific contracts for the rights to broadcast the Cup for different platforms: open TV, YouTube and Twitch (live streaming focused on games). In turn, airlines have contracts with operators to obtain the satellite signal to transmit TV channels on board. But IMG negotiated with FIFA to have the rights to broadcast live on board the aircraft.

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When contacted, Azul informed that “the games are broadcast on the 69 aircraft that have the live TV product and that fly the busiest routes of the company”. THE can informed that it is not transmitting the games. Gol, the team’s sponsor, said that, despite offering live TV on its flights, the World Cup matches “will not be broadcast on its in-flight entertainment due to contractual issues with the provider of its TV channels”. Gol clarified that the official channels that have the rights to broadcast the games – Globoplay (with subscriber password), Fifa+ and Casimiro on YouTube or Twitch – can be accessed by customers who purchase the internet package on board on aircraft equipped with the service. .

The information is from the newspaper The State of S. Paulo.

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