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CDB paying 170% of CDI and sale of Petrobras shares (PETR4); see the highlights of the week in Money Times

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See below the ten most read Money Times stories of the week (Image: REUTERS/Amanda Perobelli)

In opening week of Brazilian Team at World Cup 2022eyes are already on the championship. Consumers were also encouraged by the promotions of the sexta-feira Negraon Friday (25).

Furthermore, the market paid attention to the corporate side, with dividends from CSN 🇧🇷CSNA3) It’s from bmg bank 🇧🇷BMGB4🇧🇷 THE fixed income also caught the attention of investors.

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Check below the ten most read news between November 20th and 26th:

10th place – Market raises Selic forecast for 2023 after Lula’s speeches at COP27; check out today’s Focus

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Economists surveyed by central bank revised the forecast for the Broad National Consumer Price Index (IPCA) at the end of this year, going from 5.82% to 5.88%. This is the fourth high. A month ago, the projection was +5.60%.

For 2023, the projection rose from 4.94% to 5.01%, from 4.94% a month ago. The discharges take place after the speeches of the president-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the COP27🇧🇷 In this ocasion, Lula he even questioned the problem of the stock market falling and the dollar rising; and he even reinforced that his concern is social responsibility.

Check the matter🇧🇷

9th place – To pass it by: See 5 stocks that most worry the markets

In addition to buy recommendations, market analysts also see some stocks of concern. These are papers that either rose a lot or face macroeconomic challenges.

Survey carried out by TradeMapbased on data from the Refinitivshowed which stocks have the highest sell recommendation

See what the roles are.

8th place – Positivo (POSI3) is at risk of leaving the Ibovespa, say analysts; IRB (IRBR3) is in the crosshairs

A new round of previews of the new portfolio of Ibovespa is about to start. The next rebalancing of the index that is a benchmark on the Brazilian Stock Exchange will take place on January 2, 2023. B3 🇧🇷B3SA3) will feature three previews, with the first scheduled to drop as early as next week, December 1st.

THE XP Investimentos it’s the Itaú BBA shared their expectations for the update. Both institutions project an exit and no entry.


7th place – Oi (OIBR3) is approaching the end of the judicial reorganization, and the action rises 22%; what are the next steps?

O turnaround gives Hey 🇧🇷OIBR3🇧🇷 OIBR4) is regarded as one of the largest cases of judicial recovery from Brazil. The process, which has been dragging on since 2016, has gone through numerous upheavals, one of them a few weeks ago, with the Alive 🇧🇷VIVT3🇧🇷 clear and Tim 🇧🇷TIMS3🇧🇷 to freeze R$ 3.18 billion in the sale of assets.

However, this week, the company obtained an important victory, with the public ministry reiterating the request that the company’s judicial recovery is terminated🇧🇷

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6th place – Another cash cow in the bag? Bank will start paying quarterly dividends; see calendar

O bmg bank 🇧🇷BMGB4) changed the frequency of payment from dividends and interest on equity and will start paying the proceeds in 2023 on a quarterly basis, shows a document sent to the market this Thursday (24).

Check the paytable🇧🇷

5th place – CSN (CSNA3) will pay BRL 1.5 billion in dividends; know how to receive

THE CSN 🇧🇷CSNA3) announced the payment of R$ 1.56 billion in interim dividends to the profit reserve account, as disclosed on Tuesday (22). Proceeds correspond to R$ 1.17 per company share.

Shareholders registered with the depositary institution will be entitled to dividends, Bradesco Bank 🇧🇷BBDC4), on November 25, 2022.

see more details🇧🇷

4th place – LCAs and LCIs are with net profitability of up to 19% per year; where to invest in fixed income

Time to make money fixed income it is not over yet and the investor has the chance to increase his earnings, if he does not have to pay Income tax about your profits. That’s what happens when you invest in LCAs and LCIs who are paying up to 19% a year, as found by the Money Times this Thursday (24).

so much to LCA 🇧🇷Agribusiness Letter of Credit) as to LCI 🇧🇷Real Estate Letter of Credit) are fixed income securities issued by banksas is the case with CBD 🇧🇷bankary deposit receipt🇧🇷

See where to invest in fixed income🇧🇷

🏆 3rd place – World Cup 2022: Find out which is Brazil’s path towards the sixth, game by game

THE World Cup 2022 starts this Sunday (20), but the Brazilian Team enters the field for the first time in Qatar only next Thursday (24).

Favorite in the group stage, the coach’s team Tite must rank first. The probability of Brazil moving on to the next stage is 87%, according to an estimate by BCA Research. In a special report, the Canadian consultancy predicts that the Brazilian team will accumulate six points in the first phase, being defeated by the African team (81% chance).

Read the full story🇧🇷

🏆 2nd place – Is it time to say goodbye to Petrobras (PETR4)? Itau has the answer

The implementation of a pricing policy of international parity by Petrobras 🇧🇷PETR3🇧🇷PETR4) represents an “unquestionable turnaround” in the profitability of the downstream (transport, commercialization and refining) of the state-owned company, evaluate Monique Greco and the Itaú BBA🇧🇷

O Itaú BBA hopes that the papers Petrobras perform in line with the market average (market performance🇧🇷 The brokerage awaits a clearer view of the state-owned company’s investment history, especially with regard to pricing policy guidelines and capital allocation.

Check out the full review🇧🇷

🏆 1st place – CDB paying 170% of the CDI returns to the radar, with a net return of 18.36% per year; see where

THE fixed income continues to offer good rates of return to investors with the security that variable income is not able to offerwhile uncertainties about the 2022 election results are back on the radar🇧🇷 At this moment, have CBD which is paying 170% of CDIequivalent net remuneration of 18.36% per year.

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