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Petrobras (PETR4) and PRIO (PRIO3): One share to buy and one to sell, according to Órama

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Recommendations reflect adjustment to consider Petrobras’ dividend payment (Image: Money Times/Renan Dantas)

It’s time to buy the stock PRIO 🇧🇷PRIO3) and sell the paper of Petrobras 🇧🇷PETR4), evaluates the Órama Investimentos🇧🇷

In a report published last week, the broker explains that the sell recommendation (shorts) for Petrobras shares and purchase (long) in PRIO is due to an adjustment to consider the payment of dividends🇧🇷

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This week, Petrobras shares were “ex” of two dividend payments, totaling R$ 3.35 per share.

“We came here to publish a review of exit ratios, with a view to accounting for the effect of the dividend paid and helping to calculate the profitability of the operation. We did this by subtracting the dividend amount from the initial Petrobras share price and recalculating all the ratios accordingly”, explains Órama.

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Long & Short consists of a matched operation in which the investor maintains a long position (long) and another sold (shorts), in order to obtain a financial residual from the operation when closing it. The operation set up by Órama has a horizon of up to 60 days.

tip bought PRIO3
Initial price BRL 37.23
end sold PETR4
Adjusted starting price BRL 23.94
initial ratio 1.555
first goal 1,711
second objective 1,866
stop loss 1,369

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