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Mitsubishi dismisses 80 employees in Catalão (GO), says Union

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Mitsubishi claims that sales below expectations would be the reason for shutdowns at the factory in Goiás (Image: Facebook / Mitsubishi Motors Brasil)

O Metallurgists Union of Catalan (Simecat), in Goiasannounced that the mitsubishi fired around 80 employees yesterday and more are expected to be laid off on Monday.

According to the president of Simecat, Carlos Albino, the company had communicated to the union that there would be layoffs during a 2023 salary negotiation meeting.

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Albino says that the union even suggested that there be no salary adjustment so that around 150 employees would not be fired. However, the automaker would not have accepted the proposal.

The union comments that Mitsubishi alleges that the drop in sales is the reason for the shutdowns, since the forecast was to sell 27,000 cars this year and by the end of October, only 19,000 vehicles had been sold. In 2022, the deficit is 3,000 cars and, by the end of the year, the number should reach 4,500 vehicles, below the company’s target.

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Albino reinforces that he has scheduled a meeting with Mitsubishi’s management to discuss alternative layoffs to avoid further layoffs.

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