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Lewandowski could have scored three goals against Saudis, says Poland coach

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“I wasn’t surprised because I know how emotionally he felt the last game, how deep it went into him,” said Michniewicz (Image: REUTERS/Molly Darlington)

The coach of the Poland🇧🇷 Czeslaw Michniewiczpraised his team and striker Robert Lewandowski after the 2-0 win against Saudi Arabia this Saturday and said that, with a little luck, their best player could have ended the game with three goals.

Lewandowski scored his first goal at a World Cup after missing a penalty during Poland’s opening tie against Mexico in the World Cup. Qatarand was visibly emotional after finally finding the goal in his second and possibly final World Cup.

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“I wasn’t surprised because I know how much he felt the last game emotionally, how deep it went into him,” said Michniewicz.

“It’s a shame he wasn’t lucky, because he also hit the post and was one-on-one with the goalkeeper, who miraculously managed to deflect it and it didn’t go in. Today Robert could have scored three times,” she said.

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“We are happy for him as much as we were worried about him after the missed penalty.”

Team spirit was also evident for Poland against the Saudis, who pressed high as their raucous supporters filled the stands.

“It’s a pleasure to work with a player of Robert’s class, but a player alone cannot win a game,” said Michniewicz.

“Today we showed – starting with (goalkeeper) Wojciech Szczesny and ending with Robert – that there is strength in the team,” he said.

“And Robert did what he does best – he scored a goal, assisted Piotr Zielinski, so we are happy.”

With the win, Poland move to four points, one clear of the Saudis, and need a draw in their last game against Argentina on Wednesday to secure their place in the round of 16.

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