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BB should invest BRL 3.5 billion in IT this year, and increases BB Store to 84 brands

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In the first nine months of this year, the BB Store had a sales volume (GMV) of around R$680 million, according to the bank (Image: Marcelo Camrgo/ Agência Brasil)

O Bank of Brazil 🇧🇷BBAS3) expects to close 2022 with an investment of around BRL 3.5 billion in technology of information, and more than 27 million customers on its digital channels.

The offer has been reinforced through areas such as the BB Store, mall of the bank, which reached 84 brands and has cashback on all transactions.

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The bank also began to offer the store through internet banking, in the midst of sexta-feira Negrawhich increases desktop usage for price searches.

In the first nine months of this year, Loja BB had a sales volume (GMV) of around R$ 680 million, according to the bank.

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“Our expectation is to close 2022 with a total IT investment of BRL 3.48 billion and more than 27 million users in our digital channels. This reflects our digital ambition and supports the company’s robust results, such as those observed in the last six quarters, for example”, said the vice president of Digital Business and Technology at the bank, Marcelo Cavalcante, at BB Digital Week, held this week. .

According to him, BB has sought partnerships with startups, scientific, technological and innovation institutions and with society in the areas of innovation and technology.

The bank sees the marketplace as a tool to attract new customers and generate revenue in addition to financial products.

On Thursday, the 17th, the bank launched an exclusive area for gamers in its app, which has been one of its focuses to rejuvenate the brand. The environment was created to boost the sale of products dedicated to gamers.

Today, BB has 26.9 million active digital customers, which represents 92.7% of transactions carried out at the bank.

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