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World’s richest man bases decisions on fiction book; discover Elon Musk’s ‘bible’

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Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, followed a science fiction book to build his companies, and continues to rely on it (Image: Reuters/Mike Blake)

It’s nothing new that Elon MuskO richest man in the world, is at least eccentric. However, what not everyone knows is that the CEO of Tesla🇧🇷 SpaceX🇧🇷 Neuralink and, more recently, the twitter built his empire based on a book of Science fiction🇧🇷

“The Foundation” by writer Isaac asimovsame author of “Eu, Robô”, is the work that inspires Musk🇧🇷 It is a book written in the first half of the 20th century, which narrates a scenario millions of light years from Earth in a very distant future, where humanity – organized by the “Foundation” – has already dominated the galaxy and colonizes thousands of planets. planets.

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The creation of musk companies and the areas of activity of the richest man in the world allude to the plot of the story. In it, Musk places himself as the protagonist of the plot – in this case, of the foundation itself – that saves humanity from a “tragic end”.

It is no coincidence that Musk has already recommended reading Asimov a few times in his twitter🇧🇷 For the richest man in the world, the work of the last century is far ahead of the current century.

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richest man in the world Tesla Twitter SpaceX
(Image: Twitter/Playback)

The richest man in the world is “The Foundation”

to associate the musk empire to the book, it is necessary to contextualize the plot of the plot a little. In Asimov’s work, a scientist named Hari Seldon, a “psycho-historian” predicts the end of the Foundation, and the consequent loss of all knowledge of mankind.

In the work, the Foundation is an organization that presides over the planet Trantor, spreads new scientific knowledge, and organizes society across the galaxy in order for it to advance.

Seldon develops “psychohistory” to predict the future. The area is described in the book as a mixture of Mathematics and Sociology knowledge.

The end of that organization would result in the downfall of mankind, who would again find themselves in conditions of darkness.

After the revelations of the “psychohistorian”, to avoid this collapse, two Foundations were created, each positioned at the opposite end of the galaxy.

The first was built on the planet “Terminus”, and was responsible for not only preserving, but also spreading knowledge and technology🇧🇷 The second, no one knew very well what its role would be, or where it would actually be located.

Musk associates “Trantor” – the Foundation’s headquarters – with Earth, and “Terminus”, the technology-diffusing planet, with Mars. Not by chance, the SpaceX Its main objective is the colonization of the red planet.

richest man in the world Tesla Twitter SpaceX
(Image: Twitter/Playback)

“Mars is to Earth what “Terminus was to Trantor,” says the richest man in the world on the social network. “The ‘Foundation’ Series and ‘Zeroth’s Law’ are fundamental to the creation of SpaceX”, says in another tweet.

The “Law of Zeroth” is a reference to another work by Isaac Asimov, “I, Robot”, where there are guidelines to follow in the creation of robots. artificial intelligence (AI)🇧🇷

Elon Musk’s plan continues

But there is no point in colonizing a planet to spread technology to humanity, or even boost the creation of artificial intelligence as in “I, Robot”, if no one is creating this technology.

Not coincidentally, the richest man in the world has ambitious plans with its companies, such as Neuralink and Tesla🇧🇷

While the Neuralink research into the human mind, artificial intelligence and robotics, Tesla has built self-driving cars that run on electricity.

The sustainability agenda, raised by Muskmay suggest that his plan may not be simply to escape to Mars, as many joke, but to use the planet only as a library of knowledge, as a “Terminus”.

already with the technology being created, and research being carried out, it would be necessary to create means of disseminating these news. What better way to communicate with an entire planet if not through an ultra-powerful satellite?

Or even one of the social networks most used in the world, such as the twitter🇧🇷

What will be the last chapters written by the richest man in the world?

Ie, Elon Musk he became the richest man in the world, but maybe that wasn’t his main goal. His plans may also go far beyond a 20th century science fiction work.

The curious thing is that, in order to know what the end of the richest man in the world, or even of our humanity, it may be that all that is needed is a pleasant reading of an excellent literary work. The point is, the infamous “spoilers” can be frowned upon by many.

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