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Elon Musk will integrate a payment system on Twitter, Dogecoin flies away

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Once he gets his Twitter house in order (if he can) what will Elon Musk’s plans be? This weekend, the new boss of the social network published a series of slides which would come from a meeting of the company.

In the first slide, we read that Twitter is hiring (after a massive layoff). Elon Musk also shares graphs, showing an increase in the number of Twitter users, and the progress that would have been made in moderation.

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Then, the last two slides include the changes Musk wants to make to the platform. The images notably evoke advertising, video, encrypted messaging, and long format publications, as well as the launch of Blue Verified, the new paid offer which should include access to the blue certification badge.

But besides that, Elon Musk’s slides also mention payments. Unfortunately, these don’t provide more details, but it would appear that among Twitter’s short-term plans is the introduction of an in-app payment system.

Payments are coming to Twitter

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And while Musk didn’t mention any cryptocurrency, that tweet was enough to send the value of Dogecoin, the crypto he’s a big fan of, skyrocketing. As the Coin Telegraph site reports, following the publication of this tweet, the value of Dogecoin rose by 19.4%, reaching $0.107.

Obviously, since then, this value has stabilized. As of this writing, one Dogecoin is worth $0.95. In any case, the reaction of investors is indicative of the link between this crypto and the owner of Twitter.

Musk has, on many occasions, praised the merits of this crypto. And his company Tesla already accepts payment in Dogecoin for certain products.

As for Twitter, it has not yet mentioned possible integrations of cryptocurrencies on the social network. But investors hope that Musk integrates Dogecoin on this future payment system of Twitter.

Note also that in his series of slides, the boss of the social network evokes “Twitter 2.0” or “the application for everything”. If Elon Musk has bought a social network, he plans to transform the platform into an equivalent of WeChat for the West.

In China, this app is considered a super-app, as it includes all the features that we need on a daily basis. In addition to messaging, it includes a payment system and allows, for example, to order food online.

Source: Presse-Citron

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