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Mastercard brings together experts to talk about blockchain, metaverse and artificial intelligence

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(Image: REUTERS/Jonathan Bainbridge)

Focused on discussing how innovation is driving the modern economy, the MasterCard announced the 11th edition of the Innovation Forum Latin America and the Caribbean, which will take place on Tuesday (29) and Wednesday (30).

According to a press release, the justification for including the themes cryptocurrencies🇧🇷 metaverse🇧🇷 blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) is that these new technologies are transforming the way we relate and understand the future of money and security.

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At the event – ​​which is back in person after two years in virtual format – Mastercard claims to bring together specialists in finance, innovation and technology, as well as global executives from the payments industry, to analyze trends in the Latin American region in the areas cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, metaverse, Open Banking and fintechs.

The Mastercard Latin America and Caribbean Innovation Forum 2022 is the company’s main annual event, according to the statement.

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Carlo Enrico, President of Mastercard Latin America and the Caribbean, will open the forum with the presentation “Intersection of technology, business and the future with a focus on the human being”.

The program will continue with speakers Michael Casey, Chief Content Officer at Coindesk; Ian Bremmer, American political scientist and writer; Cathy Hackl, global technology and metaverse expert, among other Mastercard executives such as Craig Vosburg, chief product officer; Chris Reid, Executive Vice President, Cyber ​​Identity and Intelligence Solutions and Raj Seshadri, President, Data and Services.

The theme of the 11th edition of the forum will be “Converge”, with a focus on analyzing the unique moment humanity is experiencing, in which the digital and physical worlds are converging to open up new possibilities for social and economic interaction.

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