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Itaú (ITUB4) will pay R$0.48 per share in interest on equity

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According to the bank, the proceeds will be paid by April 28, 2023 (Image: Reuters/Sergio Moraes)

O Itaú Unibanco 🇧🇷ITUB4) approved the payment of BRL 0.48 per share in interest on equity, according to a document sent to the market this Monday.

According to the bank, the proceeds will be paid until April 28, 2023. As of December 9, the stock will be traded ex-JCPs.

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With the withholding of 15% of Income Tax, the value drops to R$ 0.41.

Profits from banks and Itaú

In the third trimester, Itaú Unibanco🇧🇷 Bank of Brazil 🇧🇷BBAS3🇧🇷 Santander Brasil 🇧🇷SANB11) and Bradesco 🇧🇷BBDC4) earned BRL 24 billion, up 13% over the same period, according to data from the TradeMap🇧🇷

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Despite the increase, the number was inflated, mainly by the BBwhich saw the figure jump 62%, the highest quarterly profit ever recorded in any quarter by a publicly traded Brazilian bank.

Itau and Santander felt the same bitter taste of the bad credit cycle in Brazil. However, the first managed to hold the worst.

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See the document:

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