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Itaú (ITUB4) pays JCP and markets already price expectations for companies in 4Q22

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Markets are already positioning themselves in relation to expectations for companies in 4Q22 (Image: REUTERS/Amanda Perobelli)

O Itau 🇧🇷ITUB4) will pay BRL 0.48 per share in JCP and the positioning of the markets, attentive as to what to expect from companies in the next quarter, are some of the highlights of this Tuesday (29).

Itaú’s board of directors approved the distribution of R$0.48 per share in interest on own capital (JCP) last Monday (28).

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According to the bank, the proceeds will be paid until April 28, 2023. As of December 9, the stock will be traded ex-JCPs. With 15% withholding of Income Tax, the value drops to R$ 0.41.

In addition Eletrobras 🇧🇷ELET3) enters the corporate radar of the day after having suspended the migration to the Novo Mercado this year.

Banks in 4Q22

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Investors are already positioning themselves in relation to the expectations for companies in 4Q22.

In the banking sector, Banco do Brasil (BBAS3) is a positive highlight, with above-average results in the previous quarter.

THE XP Investimentos continues to see potential for the Bank of Brazildue to its positive trend of results and valuation discounted.

Regarding the other banks, the market saw a bad scenario in 3Q22, but despite that, Larissa Quaresma, from Empircus Researchrecalls that banks are defensive, regardless of the government in power or the extent of the downturn in the economy.

Metals in 4Q22

The segment of mining and steel companies, in turn, showed a drop in Ebitda (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) in 3Q22, in the quarterly comparison, reflecting the decrease in prices of iron ore and rising costs.

Despite the weak quarter, the results of the Gerdau 🇧🇷GGBR4) were considered a positive highlight of this last season. While the worst result of the third quarter came from OK 🇧🇷VOUCH3), according to Itaú BBA.

For the next quarter, Gerdau is BBA’s preferred stock in BBA’s mining and steel sector.

But Empiricus Research also has a buy recommendation for Vale, as it is one of the mining companies with the lowest production cost, which brings a margin of safety.

Retail in 4Q22

In retail, analysts expect a stronger performance in 4Q22 compared to the previous quarter, including for the Magazine Luiza 🇧🇷MGLU3🇧🇷

However, despite the positive outlook for the coming months, it is not the time to buy the retailer’s shares.

Warren does not have a Buy rating on any of the companies in the industry.

Gustavo Gomes, a partner at Acqua Vero, points to a purchase opportunity in the Free market 🇧🇷MELI34🇧🇷 “He is better positioned and should benefit more easily”, he says.

Oil in 4Q22

For oil and gas companies, analysts from Empiricus Investimentos and Benndorf say that the scenario should remain positive for the oil and gas sector in the fourth quarter of 2022.

In addition, the increase in production in most junior companies should largely offset this drop in the average selling price of the commodity.

For Empiricus, investing in Petrobras 🇧🇷PETR3🇧🇷 PETR4) is still worth it, mainly because of the dividends.

*With Diana Cheng, Giovana Leal and Renan Dantas

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