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PT announces support for Lira’s re-election as mayor

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The nod to Lira, by the way, can help the PT and the elected government in articulating the Transition PEC when it reaches the Chamber (Image: REUTERS/Adriano Machado)

The bench of PT deputies will support the re-election of the mayor, Arthur Lira (PP-AL)announced this Tuesday the leader of the bench, Reginaldo Lopes (PT-MG), signaling the movement of the next government towards the construction of a support base in the House.

Former ally of the president Jair BolsonaroLira built a strong candidacy for a new term in charge of the Chamber and received the support of the left-wing parties PT and PSB.

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“We decided to support the re-election of President Arthur Lira, understanding that we have a country agenda, an agenda for building Brazil”, said Lopes to journalists, recalling that Lira was the first of the authorities to publicly pronounce herself recognizing the result of the ballot boxes in the second round of the presidential election.

“We understand that this institutional stability is fundamental”, he added.

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The leader added that this Tuesday he will start talks with the other parties that make up the transition team, at least 15, for the construction of a bloc allied with the government of president-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT).

“We understand that it is possible to build a government bloc that can give the country, give the president Lulastability, governance, a solid base, to implement what was contracted by the Brazilian people at the polls on October 30”, evaluated the PT leader.

The PT has lived, in the past, disastrous experiences involving the presidency of the Chamber. In 2015, the failed attempt by the PT to defeat Eduardo Cunha (MDB-RJ, at the time) in the election for the presidency of the Chamber generated a malaise ,

It was the rupture of the political alliance between the PT and the then president of the Chamber, Eduardo Cunha (MDB-RJ, at the time), which resulted in the impeachment of the president Dilma Rousseffin 2016.

At the time, Cunha was the main leader of the centrão. Today, it is Lira who occupies the post, a power achieved, in part, point out opponents of the deputy, by the flow of resources supplied by the so-called Secret Budget.

The nod to Lira, by the way, can help the PT and the elected government in articulating the Transition PEC when it reaches the Chamber.

The Proposed Amendment to the Constitution makes it possible to pay the Bolsa Familia of 600 reais in 2023, among other points, from the exceptionalization of the spending ceiling.

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