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Klabin (KLBN11) sees a “worrying” economic scenario, but business model should stabilize results

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“The scenario is worrisome, but we have security in the defensive, resilient, perennial and planned model… We are not distracted by the short term”, said executive Cristiano Teixeira (Money Times/ Gustavo Kahil)

The Chief Executive of Klabin🇧🇷 Cristiano Teixeirasaid this Wednesday that the global economic scenario concerns the company, but that the company’s business model is long-term and that the largest packaging paper manufacturer in the country maintains investment projects.

“The scenario is worrying, but we have security in the defensive, resilient, perennial and planned model… We are not distracted by the short term”, said the executive to analysts and investors during the company’s annual event.

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“The year 2023 will be great to show our belief in the business model and how much the packaging area will normalize the result for Klabin”, said Teixeira. “As international prices fall, we reduce exports and purchases of paper from third parties and increase our conversion capacity with a price that guarantees stability”, said the executive. He added that the return on invested capital, known by the acronym Roic, “will continue to rise”.

During the event, Klabin’s pulp director, Alexandre Nicolini, stated that the company already has 90% of its paper raw material production contracted for 2023, with the remaining 10% being used by the company to improve the area’s results. .

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In 2023, Klabin will double its pulp export operations from the Port of Paranaguá (PR)through the factory connection by rail with a new terminal that will be inaugurated next year, said Nicolini.

In the paper area, the construction of the new paper machine number 28 is at 70% and the equipment should start operating in 2023, with a capacity of 190 thousand tons, reaching 350 thousand in 2024.

Klabin’s focus for the machine is the paperboard market and 100% of the equipment’s capacity will be occupied by the product in 2025, given the demand for replacing plastics in industries such as foods🇧🇷

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