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Bitcoin market launches Real stablecoin; ballast is guarded by the company’s IP

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Mercado Bitcoin also seeks to allow the stablecoin to be traded with all the main assets available on its platform (Image: Mercado Bitcoin/Disclosure)

O Bitcoin Market, a platform for digital assets in Latin America, announced that it will list, as of this Wednesday (30), its first stablecoin – with backing in real. Named MBRL, the brokerage will allow the asset via MB Tokens – all in the 2TM ecosystem – being listed in an interoperable way – a feature that allows trading on other platforms, as announced.

As the company told the Crypto Timesthe custody of the reserves, which back the stablecoinis made at MB Pay – the Payments Institution (IP) of the Bitcoin Market.

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Mercado Bitcoin also seeks to allow the stablecoin to be traded with all major assets available on its platform.

In addition, according to the announcement, with the creation of a transparent stablecoin, customers will be able to use applications distributed directly in their local currency, instead of depending on international representations in their interactions with the web3 ecosystem.

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A stablecoin backed by Real, according to Reinaldo Rabelo, CEO of MB, offers multiple trading opportunities with other assets in the ecosystem in a practical way.

“Our goal is to accelerate the enormous potential for application adoption in blockchain in Brazil, developing solutions that empower our clients’ daily transactions”, he says.

The stablecoin is initially implemented on Stellar, a blockchain network that aims to build financial access solutions. In the future, the stablecoin will also be issued on other blockchain networks.

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