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Petrobras (PETR4) raises investments to close to US$ 80 billion between 2023-2027

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It will also increase investments in decarbonization to around 6% of the total, up from 4%, one of the people said (Image: Money Times/Renan Dantas)

The Board of Directors of Petrobras 🇧🇷PETR4) on Wednesday approved a new five-year business plan that will raise investment through 2027 to closer to US$80 billion, up from around US$68 billion allocated in the previous plan, two people with knowledge of the company told Reuters. information.

The oil company plans to increase investments in exploration, production and refining for the period between 2023 and 2027, the sources said.

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It will also increase decarbonization investments to about 6% of the total from 4%, one of the people said.

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Source: Moneytimes

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