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It’s not Petrobras (PETR4): this stock will be the biggest dividend payer in 2023, according to an analyst

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In addition to BB: these two still “calf” stocks have the potential to rise in the ranks of the “herd” and deliver dividends as good as traditional payers on the Stock Exchange. Image: freepik/ Editing: Julia Shikota

Much has been said about the dividends paid by Petrobras 🇧🇷PETR4) in 2022. And it was no wonder, after all, the oil company became the largest payer of earnings on the Brazilian stock exchange and, at a certain period of the year, it was the largest in the world.

To give you an idea of ​​how brutal the distribution of the company’s profits was, now the dividend yield for the last 12 months of PETR4 shares is 75%.

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But if you follow the news frequently, you must have seen that the oil company’s days of plentiful dividends may be numbered.

Petrobras’ current dividend policy is one of the main points of criticism on the part of the Workers’ Party (PT), of President-elect Lula, despite the fact that the Union is the biggest beneficiary of the proceeds.

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The new presidency wants Petrobras to return to areas abandoned by previous administrations, and with more focus on expanding activities than on shareholder remuneration.

And even though the oil company announced a strategic plan this Wednesday (30), saying it intends to maintain its dividend policy, the truth is that everything is subject to the approval of the new government…

That’s probably why Petrobras will not be the company that will pay the highest dividends in 2023🇧🇷

In fact, market analysts already have a name in mind. And I already tell you that he is very “off the curve”…

This will be the biggest payer of earnings in 2023 – see if you know

The one that could become the biggest payer of dividends in 2023 is a stock that was mined on the stock exchange by Fernando Ferrer, an analyst at Empiricus Research.

She has been recommended by him since March of this year. In the analyst’s view, since that time the stock was already good for several reasons:

  1. It’s the cheapest of your segment;
  2. has good avenues of growth🇧🇷
  3. Have a business model stable🇧🇷 predictable and profitable🇧🇷

For all these reasons, it would be a great deal to invest in this stock.

But, as the saying goes, “there’s nothing so good that it can’t be improved”. Therefore, some changes made by the company made everything even more interesting.

These changes concern your dividend policy🇧🇷

Basically, 3 changes made by the company made its earnings much more attractive:

  1. The company will begin to remunerate its shareholders with at least 50% of regulatory net profit (before, it remunerated with 25% of its profit);
  2. The frequency with which this payment will be made has also changed, from annual to quarterly🇧🇷
  3. The maximum payment period will be 60 days counted from the date of deliberation of each distribution.

For Fernando Ferrer, “with these adjustments in the dividend policy, I believe that this stock has everything to become a great distributor of earnings”.

Paying big dividends is already part of your DNA

Since we are in a World Cup mood, it is worth mentioning that good dividend-paying stocks are similar to defenders.

That’s because companies that distribute dividends frequently are usually more defensive. Therefore, it is not their profile to deliver large explosions of appreciation in a short time…

On the contrary, these companies are a good option for those who want to build passive income, with the money that “drips” every month, quarter or year. In the case of the action recommended by Fernando, we have already seen that the payment will be quarterly.

Furthermore, because they are predictable and stable, they hardly feel market fluctuations and therefore have less risk. The stock we are talking about, for example, has appreciated by 9% this year…

It’s not much, but it was certainly a very positive result, compared to other sectors of the stock exchange, penalized by the country’s economic and political uncertainties.

And what are these sectors that are “safe havens” and that pay good dividends? Generally, those who have this profile are the sectors of electricity and financial services🇧🇷

Companies like Taesa 🇧🇷TAEE11) and Santander 🇧🇷SANB11) are good examples of this. The expectation is that this year they will pay 15% and 8% in dividends, respectively.

But calm down, because none of these companies is quoted to be the “big dividend payer of 2023”.

The name that is on Fernando’s radar, as I told you, is new and off the radar of most investors…

Do you already have a guess?

If you’re still in doubt, no problem. Next, I show you how to find out the name of that company with a few clicks and without spending a penny.

Free: meet the potential ‘cash cow’ of 2023

Ever heard of the term “cash cow”? It is a jargon that the financial market uses to refer to the stocks that pay the most dividends on the Brazilian stock exchange.

Fernando Ferrer revealed the name of the stock with the potential to be the great “cash cow” of 2023 to subscribers of his recommended portfolio, called “Best Stocks on the Exchange”.

Generally, only those who pay for access to this recommended wallet have access to the recommendations made by Fernando. But today is your lucky day…

Today you can know the action without being a subscriber and without paying anythingcourtesy of Empiricus Investimentos (the brokerage of the same group).

Therefore, you do not lose anything by clicking on the button below to learn about the stock that could be the great dividend payer of 2023. It’s free and only takes a few minutes.🇧🇷

Then you decide whether this recommendation makes sense for your equity:

Source: Moneytimes

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