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The cheapest Ibovespa shares, FIIs to sell and more; see the highlights of the week

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See below the ten most read Money Times stories of the week (Image: REUTERS/Amanda Perobelli)

With the Brazilian Team qualified for the round of 16 of the World Cup 2022eyes turn more and more to the championship.

Furthermore, during the week, the political field was on the market’s radar.

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Check below the ten most read news between November 27th and December 2nd:

10th place – Casimiro, Globo’s main rival, breaks a new record during the World Cup broadcast

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The Qatar edition of world Cup has shown the strength of social networks and real-time image transmission services, the so-called streams🇧🇷 The Brazilian Casimiro Miguel, who already has some records in his history and is the main competitor of Globereached the mark of being the second most watched live in the world.

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9th place – IRB (IRBR3): Will investors be harmed by a reverse stock split? see what to do

O IRB 🇧🇷IRBR3) did not wait to be notified by the B3 for carry out a grouping of shares with the aim of adapting to the rules of the owner of the Brazilian Stock Exchange. According to the bylaws, a share cannot trade below R$1 for 30 consecutive trading sessions.

In case of IRB, there were 11 sessions left for the company to qualify. Since the 4th of November, the stock has been operating below R$ 1, affected by lower-than-expected third-quarter results🇧🇷

See what to do.

8th place – XP makes cuts and former employees point to mass layoffs on LinkedIn

In the last week, the LinkedIn was taken over by reports from former employees of the XP Investimentoswho resorted to the social network to talk about their dismissals and attribute what happened to a movement of “lay-off” (mass dismissal).

The phenomenon draws attention due to the number of professionals. Some people were taken by surprise, and used the space to thank them for their time at the company, in addition to reinforcing that the cost-cutting action was responsible for the casualties.

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7th place – MGLU3, VIIA3 and AMER3 melt more than 20% in November; see what to do with the shares

shares of retailers ended November poorly, ranking among the worst performers in the Ibovespawhich also did not escape the negative pressure.

In a month marked by strong volatility due to uncertainties about the formation of the ministerial teams of the new Lula government and the potential impact of the Transition PEC on the Brazilian economy, the Exchange’s reference index ended up falling by more than 3%.

See what to do with stocks🇧🇷

6th place – Judges receive benefits extinct 16 years ago again; Accumulated can reach R$ 2 million

A decision of Federal Justice Council (CJF) reinstated a benefit to federal judges extinct 16 years ago. Magistrates will again receive an automatic increase of 5% in salaries every 5 years. The measure provides for retroactive payment and is valid for all who entered the career until 2006.

According to a projection by the Senate legislative consultant Luiz Alberto dos Santos, made at the request of the Estadão, a judge sworn in in 1995, for example, could receive R$ 2 million in arrears. When questioned, the CJF said it had not studied the financial impact of the measure.


5th place – IRPF: Bill stipulates new limit for income tax deduction

This Tuesday (29), the Economic Affairs Committee (CAE) approved the project that raises from 3% to 6% the deduction limit for donations made to the Funds for the Rights of Children and Adolescents in the annual declaration of the Individual Income Tax (IRPF).

Since 2012, the Child and Adolescent Statute allows that, at the time of the IRPF declaration, up to 3% be donated to these funds, which are responsible for transferring the resources to institutions that support children and adolescents.

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4th place – Real estate funds: With losses of up to 40%, Itaú recommends selling these 3 FIIs – Money Times

O Brazilian championship in football this year is over and the teams that were relegated from the first to the second division are defined. Now, with the focus on world Cup from Qatar, it’s time to climb the real estate funds that most fell in 2022. And the Itaú BBA recommends selling two of these funds.

According to a survey by Einar Rivero, from the TradeMapof the 108 funds that make up the sector’s reference index (ifix) gives B335 had accumulated declines up to November 22.

check out🇧🇷

🏆 3rd place – The 10 cheapest shares on the Ibovespa according to the price-to-earnings metric

The price-to-earnings (P/E) metric is one of the most used by analysts and investors when it comes to calculating whether a stock is discounted.

Price over earnings measures the time it will take for investors to recoup their investment. The smaller the indicator, the cheaper the shares.

See the actions🇧🇷

🏆 2th place – World’s richest man bases decisions on fiction book; discover Elon Musk’s ‘bible’

It’s nothing new that Elon MuskO richest man in the world, is at least eccentric. However, what not everyone knows is that the CEO of Tesla🇧🇷 SpaceX🇧🇷 Neuralink and, more recently, the twitter built his empire based on a book of Science fiction🇧🇷

“The Foundation” by writer Isaac asimovsame author of “Eu, Robô”, is the work that inspires Musk🇧🇷 It is a book written in the first half of the 20th century, which narrates a scenario millions of light years from Earth in a very distant future, where humanity – organized by the “Empire” – has already dominated the galaxy and colonizes thousands of planets. planets.

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🏆 1st place – IRS changes money limit on trips to the US; see the new rules

THE IRS published on November 25th new rules for Brazilian travelers who are going to or returning from United States🇧🇷 The norms come into effect as of December 30th and determine a new control limit of US$ 10,000 in cash.

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