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World Cup: Casimiro breaks records in lives on Twitch and YouTube and consolidates himself as Globo’s main competitor in broadcasts

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During this period, CazéTV raised US$ 160,000, around R$ 832,000 in direct conversion (Image: You Tube/ Cazé TV)

A leak occurred during a live held by Twitch on the influencer’s channel Casimiro Miguel during the broadcast of the game Poland and Argentina showed the channel’s main dashboard with data over the last 28 days.

During this period, CazéTV raised US$ 160,000, around R$ 832,000 in simple direct conversion.

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Casimiro also gained approximately 86,500 subscribers in one minute. As a comparison, MrBeast, the youtuber who reached the mark of the biggest channel on the platform with more than 110 million subscribers, had the record with 72 thousand subscribers in 1 minute on the platform youtube🇧🇷

During the transmission of the game between Brazil and Switzerland, the Brazilian streamer spoke to 4.8 million people connected simultaneously, surpassing, for example, the live transmission of a rocket launch from SpaceX🇧🇷 company in Elon Muskand the numbers of singer Marília Mendonça, who during the pandemic even broke the world record for the most watched live with her show.

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“Imagine if Elon Musk puts us on a rocket and we broadcast the game in space? Hello Elon Musk help us, obviously it was a joke, but imagine the situation?”, said Casimiro during the broadcast to inform his followers of the numbers reached.

During a transmission, the team let the channel data appear for everyone (Image: Cazé TV/You Tube)

See below the top 5 most watched lives on YouTube:

1: Felix Baumgartner Leap: 8 million
2: Casimiro at the World Cup: 4.8 million
3: SpaceX Crew Demo: 4.08 million
4: BTS – Butter Debut: 3.7 million
5 :Apple – iPhone 14 event: 3.6 million

Source: Moneytimes

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